The Good Friend

As you probably already know, I'm very passionate about preventing our children from being bullied in school. Some survive it, some don't. We've all heard horror stories where a kid commits suicide because the bullying was just too much. Most of the time, the victim never tells anyone due to shame and embarrassment. They hide it and let it fester until it's too late. Bullying happens in schools, playgrounds and even in neighborhoods where they all congregate. Parents can't be there every second of the day, which is why I think it's so important to have all parents and children informed of what can happen if the bullying doesn't stop. I also write a lot about this topic because it's a personal one for me, having survived a suicide attempt that no one even knew about. I was bullied relentlessly by a neighborhood "friend". I was only 13 years old and tried to drink myself into a coma. I wanted to end it because I feared going to school the next day. I feared going to the bus every single day because she was at my bus stop. There was no avoiding her. I had to endure all of it. Even when I got home, she would call me with a bunch of her friends threatening me, "If you come to school tomorrow we're going to kill you!" Well, I'll do that myself then. That was my mindset. I can't even think of a more stressful time in my life. Some people think of it as minimal stressors of a child --- it's not. It's huge.

I was honored to be apart of "MyFairyTaleBooks", producing and editing their video kickstarter for their important cause and products. It's a storybook unique a current array of personalized child products. The main character of the story is your child, as each of our books will be personalized per customer. For example, Stacey, The Good Friend or Kevin, The Good Friend. In a time where bullying is on the forefront of many families minds, they aim to bring to market an age appropriate story with positive life lessons. I wish there would have been more types of things like this in my childhood while growing up in order to help me and many others who suffered with being bullied. Their kickstarter only has 29 days to go to meet their goal. If you're interested and passionate about this topic as much as I am, please contribute if you can. Even $5 dollars would help a great deal. Please click here and at least check it out. Thanks!

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