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5 Ways to Attract Positive Things In Your Life

In all the years I have tortured myself with thoughts of the past, and longings of 'what was,' as well as the anxiety of what was to come---I wish I knew what I knew now, and how powerful the mind is. I read so many articles and books on the laws of attraction and how your mind has the ability to magnetize positive things in your life. I should have known to utilize all that I've learned---but better late than never. It's especially difficult when you go through traumatic events in your life, like a loss of a loved one, divorce, moving to a new home or losing a job. These are all huge life events that can take your positive mindset and bury it into a deep grave. At that point, there's no hope. Sometimes, we even play victim and tell ourselves that only bad things happen to us. The more we think bad things happen to us, the more bad things actually happen. But what if you can turn those thoughts around in the midst of your negative mindset?  I will share what has hel