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Caitlyn Jenner States That She Would Feel More "Feminine" With a Male Partner -- Wait, What?

There are so many topics that are within the 'one' topic of transgenderism. There are even "dos" and "don'ts" out there on the internet in case you happen to be in the company of someone who happens to be transgender -- like don't misuse pronouns (him, her, she, his, etc.) -- and never (ever-ever-ever-ever) call a transgender person a "tranny". This word was adopted by the porn industry and connotes a sexual seediness to it. And like the label "transgender" comes the label, "cisgender" which many people have no clue what it means. It basically means born by birth gender. So I'm a cisgendered woman for example. The other important factor to remember as I've learned over the years is to never question their genitalia, because it doesn't matter. If they are a transgendered woman or man, genitalia does not define them. Their identity alone defines them. But still, people usually go by the details of their sexua

Matt Walsh is OK With Child Molestation, But Not For an Extramarital Affair?

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: I do not rejoice in other people's shortcomings or problems. What I do take a tiny bit of pleasure in, is seeing hypocrites being brought out to the light. As God says in the bible, everything secretive will be brought out into the light. Conservative blogger, Matt Walsh who takes pleasure in bashing gays, lesbians and transgenders, calling them "sick perverts" who have "mental illness" has finally admitted that he was wrong about Josh Duggar. He laughs, mocks and bullies those who are of the LGBT community and uses God as a shield so that he won't come across as the ol' fashioned bigot that he is. He proudly shows off his tattoos, smoking a cigar and drinking beer like a good ol' boy. It never ceases to amaze me that someone with tattoos can mock someone who is "sinfully" gay. "You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the

Josh Duggar's Public Apology to All Gays and Lesbians

When someone apologizes once they've done something wrong, is it more sincere if they say it after they've been caught or if they sat you down and told you what happened before you found out? Or does it even matter? Apparently, Josh Duggar apologized over on their website and admitted he was being a hypocrite after he was caught on Ashley Madison. I love the edited version of Gawker's apology from Josh. Priceless. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing and maybe his wife will after some time, but I keep thinking about the differences between an "oops" and an intentional hunt for an extramarital affair. When you're 'out there' on websites looking for an intentional sexual encounter, that's much different than say if he met some girl at work and they had some sort of romantic encounter and then regretted it. None are OKAY, but one is a bit more forgivable. Hey, we're all human, right? Would this be considered more of a sexual addiction rather t

Josh Duggar & Jared Fogle Both Sentenced to Castration

There have been countless stories lately about young children are being raped. One girl who happened to be 11 years old got pregnant by her rapist, and in her country, she had to wait out the full 9 months to give birth. I think once a grown man has either raped a child or an adult woman, he should castrated. Plain and simple. It should be known that once you rape someone, you will lose your nether regions, preferably very slowly with an extremely blunt knife. But what about those who are just sexually fasciated by children? That's rape in itself! How can anyone -- anyone -- watch anything remotely sexual if it has to do with a minor? How can a grown adult want anything sexual with a child? I just don't understand it. See -- I can understand some guy in his early 20's dating a girl who is in her late teens. "Statutory rape" is mostly enforced by disapproving parents. When I was 16 years old, my first boyfriend was 25. I did not look 16 nor did I act it. My

Walking Contradiction: Having Beliefs & Opinions That Go Against the Grain

My temporary office working from the couch. It's been a long helluva' long week between suffering with bronchitis and chronic pain and not being able to write on schedule as I'd like to. During my hiatus, I sometimes I receive emails on my 'writing'  Facebook page from readers who want to know my take on certain issues regarding homosexuality and justification for my faith in God. My rule of thumb is to never have an unhealthy debate. As soon as the conversation takes a turn toward 'you're going to hell' and of course, the infamous name calling, I tend to end it fairly early. But some readers (mostly Christian right-wing) will challenge my ideas and then even ask me questions (not the loaded rhetoric some people rattle off), but genuine and sincere inquiries. Even if they truly believe that being gay or lesbian is a sin and they just want to pick my brain, that's perfectly A-OK with me. So I'm going to just sum my views up in a nutshe

"Why Are the Americans More Concerned Than Us?" --Zimbabweans on Cecil the Lion

Isn't it wonderful when people come together and share their thoughts onto social media, spreading awareness to something that they feel is important? I love seeing people pull together, showing their passion for some things that can seem so out of our control. I haven't gone one day without seeing the tragic hunt down of Cecil the Lion. The hunter is now being hunted. Dr. Walter J. Palmer not only got a huge backlash on social media over his kill, but he lost his business and had to go into hiding. I mean, if you want to be brave, get into the lion's den without your gun and see who wins. Dr. Palmer needed a large head on his wall to make up for his "shortcomings". In all honesty, I've never seen such outrage before. Everywhere on social media you'll see "Cecil! Cecil! Cecil!" Even Jimmy Kimmel had a little emotional outburst of tears while speaking about the death of Cecil. Really?  I wonder if Kimmel had tears while watching Samuel