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Keeping It Simple & Sane

Normally during this time of the year, especially with the long stretch of February, I'm no joy to be around. I'm depressed, grumpy, cranky, irritable, impatient----you get my drift. Last year, I cannot tell you how many times I almost checked myself into the funny farm, but this year was quite different, especially for a February. With that being said -- the holidays is a whole other can-o-beans because I'm just nutty around Christmas regardless. But February is my 'to-be-feared' month for those around me. As you've heard a million and one times before, I'm still on a very low carb diet, (Paleo) and doing things to boost my immunity and health, like eating egg yolks and not just egg whites to appease calorie/cholesterol intake. I started taking 3,000 IUs of vitamin D. I get my calcium and vitamin C through broccoli and steer away from fruit. I also take 1,000 mg of vitamin C (probably just expensive urine), but I find that it helps somewhat. If at all pos

Why Are Many Christians Going by the Old Law?

Years ago, when blogging used to be big -- before even social media took center stage, I used to get 30-200 comments, depending on the post and its content. Everyone seemed to have a Blogger account, unless of course they wanted to hop on as "anonymous" and either hide their identity or spew off their dislikes about whatever. These days, it's strange. I'm finding that I receive more emails and Facebook "likes" rather than comments on this blog. I also noticed that even though I can receive 100-200 "likes" on Facebook, there is hardly any engagement, and if there is, it's usually my regular passionate readers voicing their opinions, and that's great. I love it. But the most input I receive is through email or my little contact box which can be found on the right side of this blog. I was happy to receive a thought provoking comment left by someone who went by, "H".  I cannot address the gender, but I did answer their question wi

Hey, Anti-Gay Lawmakers, Read Your Bibles!

What a way to show Americans how much you hate gays and lesbians. Throw them out of your establishment! Get them out of your restaurants! Show them they don't belong where the 'normal everyday folk' dine at. Kick those awful gays out of your classrooms and deny them medical assistance just because they have a different sexual orientation than you. Ironically enough, it'll probably be the polyamorous doctor who kicks one of us out, meanwhile, sleeping with three or four women within a week's time. Show me your morals and I'll show you mine. Maybe we have something in common and maybe we have a whole different world right between us, separating us from the good and evil. Which is the "good" and which is the "evil"? That's all up to you. "Freedom of religion" means that you can voice your beliefs and not get stoned for it. "Freedom of religion" now stands for bigotry and discrimination…and perhaps, segregation. Th

Arizona's New Definition of Freedom: Discrimination

Thankfully, I have never walked into an establishment that had a sign indicating "whites only" as well as selecting which ethnicities they excluded. It wasn't only "colored people" -- it was for hispanic people as well. Can you imagine the intensity of hateful stares as you walk into some coffee shop where they didn't want "your kind" around? We all have one common denominator: green currency. It's not white, it's not black, it's not gay or lesbian, it's just green money that businesses need to grow on. It just blows my mind that Arizona, of all states would come to this decision to get this bill passed. I would have surely thought the bible belt would have enforced this way before Arizona. The worst part of it is, religion makes people ugly. And mind you, I love God with all that I have, but these types of people aren't of "god" -- they're not doing anything "godly" by refusing money from those who are

Is the Devil Real? And Does He Have an Impact on How We React?

To those who have been reading me for a while, you already know that my faith is a huge part of my life. Oddly enough, many who are personal and close friends of mine rarely know this fact. I don't preach, I don't try to persuade people to 'come to the other side' nor try to convert those who are of a different religion or of no religion. If asked, I will share. And that's it. But, this is my blog, so today I decided to share a bit of that with you. As strange as this may sound, my faith grew stronger with each mistake and personal failures that I've made. It wasn't until very recently that I realized I was detached from my spirituality, or "GOD" as I like to call Him. Whenever I'm distant, it seems like the devil takes a hold of all my actions with each crappy circumstance that comes flying my way. Some don't believe in the devil or "Satan" --- but he's very real. The devil's biggest lie is to make you believe that &q

How Badly Can Gossip Ruin a Friendship?

I know I wrote something similar before, but it continues to just haunt me. Just to give you an idea, I'm going to tell a little story. I remember this girl I used to work with. We'd go to lunch with a bunch of other girls from the office. It quickly turned into happy hours every Friday night. It was a lot of fun, and yes, it was sort of cliquish, but we genuinely enjoyed one another's company. The conversations were endless and the laughter, infectious, but for some reason, I could not bear to hear too much of what this girl used to ramble on about. We'll just call her, "Michelle". There was one particular evening when we went out to Friday's in northern New Jersey. We all sat at the bar to grab some dinner and I was sitting right next to her. A newbie joined us, to which I was glad because in my mind, it's the more the merrier type of thing. Apparently, I come to find out she is not liked at all by Michelle, although she smiled and said hello to

Social Media & Bitter Exes

Remember Tom from Myspace?  Back in 2005, I started tuning into social media --- this being the "prehistoric social media days" which = Myspace. That was the big platform where you can say what you want, tell people what kind of mood you were in along with a lame emoticon as well as give someone a subliminal message to eff off. I'm guilty of finding myself writing status updates that were roundabout insults directed to someone I was upset with or even putting my "mood" as "ecstatic" and "excited" or "happy as a clam", when I was actually really, really sad. Back in 2008, my friend insisted that I use Facebook from now on. She said, "All of our friends are on there." With Myspace, if you didn't have a "cool page" (which needed html coding), then it was just too difficult for many to navigate through and hardly anyone (the average Joe) was ever on there other than the internet savvy people. When I logged on

Being Neutral = Closing My Eyes

Your children are a  product of your beliefs. Sometimes, when I defend the LGBT community from religious "stones" being thrown at them, I get, 'well why bother' or 'who cares' and of course, 'it's a battle you'll never win with those kind of people'. In a sense, it's kind of true. You will never win a battle or convince anyone otherwise of changing their core beliefs. But what about having our LGBT youth have someone or an organization that does say the opposite of what these ill informed religious people spew off? Whenever a celebrity like when Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty comes out with their rigid thoughts on homosexuality, I speak my mind. I will always speak my mind and retort when a misinterpreted scripture is used to literally bash gays and lesbians with feelings of guilt, condemnation, insults, demeaning terms used for young ladies, as Phil Robertson demonstrated.  Words that only tear down and destroy spirits is blamed on

Mark Felder: Hypocritical Bizzle

Mark Felder (Bizzle) You may not know him, as most do not. He’s this young Christian rapper named, Mark Felder who goes by the name "Bizzle" who did a rendition of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love” song. He claims in his lyrics “filled with love” that gays and lesbians were never oppressed and that we oppressed ourselves in our own sin. So not only is he defining his own beliefs and bashing others with his religious propaganda, but he is being quite discriminatory for someone who is black. If you would like to listen to his song on Youtube, please click here . His lyrics, read: And I feel so disrespected that you were so desperate
 You would compare your sexual habits to my skin (What?!?)
 Calling it the new black
 Tell me where they do that
 They hung us like tree ornaments, where were you at?
 They burned us for entertainment, you go through that? 
Mom's raped in front of they kids, while they shoot dad 
Ever been murdered just for trying to learn