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Top 12 Things Unhealed People Will NOT Do

What's your reaction when someone hurts you or offends you? What is your initial thought process when your brain (your ego) is triggered? I used to rattle off my mouth with knee-jerk reactions---without even thinking for a second what the repercussions would be. Before I make an initial response, I talk it out calmly. If talking it out calmly doesn't work, it can go one or two ways with me. I either let my emotions get the best of me, or I become distant and indifferent. Sometimes both. But as I go through life, I have become much more non-responsive, or at least, have thrown an attempt to talk it out. I'm not perfect---believe you me, but I'm at that point where I don't have time to deal with petty arguments, unnecessary drama or conflict. I won't allow it near me or around my home. I believe in forgiveness as well as forgetting---where I will never bring up the topic again, however, I also believe you do not need to reconcile with an unhealed person if that me

Why Would Yoga Be Dangerous?

Years ago at the gym, they would hold all sorts of classes, including yoga. All of my friends used to go and said it was so peaceful. It was also said to be helpful with stretching exercises before and after a workout. Many told me it would help with my anxiety. It also teaches about helpful ways to breathe properly. Anyone I knew who did yoga seemed to be the most peaceful and chill people I've ever come across. Some "yogis" are very knowledgeable about spirituality, being their authentic selves, and self-awareness overall. I hear a lot of "self" in these descriptions. Self-awareness, self-consciousness, even the "S" capitalized in "Self." Self, self self.  2 Timothy 3:2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy.  Yoga literally refers to “yoking” the mind to the source of divinity, and is the process of “intentional stopping of the spontaneous activity

The Bigger Picture Isn't Always Seen

Have you ever had a dream that was so incredibly realistic, that you wonder if you were 'somewhere else,' especially if you were interacting with a deceased loved one? I've been having quite a few lucid dreams lately. If you don't know what a lucid dream is---it's when you are in a dream, but you know that you are in a dream, or perhaps, in a different realm, able to control what you say and what you do. For example, most dreams demonstrate that they're mostly involuntary and uncontrollable. "I dreamt I was running down the street with no clothes on," ---and you know for a fact you would never do that... (or maybe some of you wouldn't.)  When my dad passed away, in the dream itself, we made sure that it was a real, authentic interaction.  "Dad, is that really you? Is this real?"  "Yes! C'mere, quick because I only have a little time!" We would hug it out, and then he would always tell me some words of wisdom. Sometimes he&#