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Happiness is a Byproduct of Being Grateful

This time of year can be very hard for some of us. Many have lost loved ones, leaving them with only an empty chair to look at during the holidays. It grips your heart so tightly, that it feels like you can't breathe. We hold onto the grief tightly too. For whatever reason, most of us prefer that dark feeling -- the grievance that aches our heart. IT's a sense of being able to at least feel anything at all. But what if we changed our mindsets? What if we knew how present and "alive" our deceased loves one were? What if we knew for sure, that they were still around us during very important moments? Remember, the deceased do not miss us. They don't long for anything. There is no time there, so the "missing someone" part is taken out of the equation. Our human minds make us believe that maybe our deceased loved ones miss us, when actually, they already know that we'll be together -- the reassurance of uniting once again. Our lifetime is only but a min

Myoclonus, Sleep Starts, Sleep Jerks, Hypnic Jerks, Seizures: Silently Suffering

Back in May, I believe I wrote about the same issue that I've been dealing with. I wish I could say it's insomnia, but it's not. I live a very strange lifestyle now. (No, not the type you're thinking...) But strange in the terms of off-schedule, not the norm, whatever you wanna call it type of 'strange'. I'm very open about my anxiety disorder, and that can sometimes be quite debilitating. Many people who don't understand anxiety brush it off and just tell ya to "get over it" and "face your fears" -- blah blah blah. And while that holds up to be very true, and in fact, I face at least one fear a day, it still comes on like a beast, and sometimes unexpectedly. My "beast" happens to find me at night while I'm all comfy in my bed about to fall asleep. There is absolutely nothing brewing in my little noggin other than listening to the beautiful sounds of crickets and frogs from the window left open besides me. I can't

What's Your Passion in Life?

Maybe it started when I got older, when I began to actually like who was and what I stood up for, but it took a long time. I don't mean it in a narcissistic type of way, however I completely stopped caring about what other people thought of me. Don't get me wrong -- if you tell me I have a little schmutz on the corner of my mouth, I'm gonna run to the bathroom and wash it off. I'm gonna kinda care about that. But I wonder if it has anything to do with the partner I picked in life. My wife is the most beautiful person inside and out. She also tends to lie to me if I ask her if a certain pair of jeans look ok on me. And that's....ok. She's one of the most honest, caring and loving person I know, despite the lie about my new jeans. I wonder how I would be today, if I was with a person that was super critical and downright mean. I know a few girlfriends of mine who are with men who tear them apart, whether be it how they do things or what they look like. In my p

Let It Go

Remember the simpler days spent watching the rain bounce off of your windowpane, hoping the sun would burst through so you could ride your bike down the street and play with your friends? Remember snow days spent sleigh riding with your siblings or friends? You'd come back into the warm house and mom would have hot cocoa waiting for you, which of course, was the best part. I distinctly remember my mom and dad as they would entertain their guests on certain evenings. I would try to listen to what they were saying, but the adult dialogue was too hard for me to understand. It seemed too complicated. And as an adult today, it's still complicated in many other ways. I think to myself, it can be so simple, if we'd let it be. But we don't "let" it. We can't "let" it go. We hold onto our precious values that nobody else seems to care about, trying to ram every bit of it down their throats, yet they still don't hear us, nor want to, simply because

You're Gay & Voted for Trump?

The other day someone asked me if I wanted kids. And while I've stated before that yes, we did at one time, I just can't get myself to raise a child in this crazy world. It's an era of entitlement. It's a time when those who don't get their little needs met, they pout, scream, throw a tantrum, and as adults, protest and wreck other people's properties. We live in a world, where if someone gets either fired, or offended, they're likely to walk into the building that you're in, shooting you and the rest of the people standing nearby. We live in a world, where we don't care about terrorism, but we care about people accepting us "as we are", even if we identify ourselves by a third or fourth gender, and beg for America to accept that. By all means, we should be accepted, but not irrationally accepting those who want to go above and beyond the means of science. But hey, religion isn't science either, so there's that. The crowds for

A Time for War and a Time for Peace

It truly doesn't matter who you vote for, or if you're straight, gay, black or white. It doesn't matter if you're Latino or Asian, or even living in another country. It seems as though the world has divided. Cops against blacks, blacks against cops. Whites against blacks, blacks against whites. Trump supporters against Clinton supporters, and vise/versa, you know the rest. Conspiracy theories fly around, hoping to terrify the next Hillary voter -- to urge all to vote republican. The left tells us that the right will take away...our rights. And it's just utter madness. When the argument gets too much, some resort to name calling, or demeaning one's intelligence and integrity. When you tear somebody apart for their choices, whether it's for political or religious reasons, you're EGO is the culprit. When the person gets offended, their EGO is insulted. We are tearing each other apart due to people we don't even know. And that's the way it works.