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When Nothing Makes Sense, Go With Your Gut

There’s a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. We’ve all made decisions that at the time seemed right but later turned out to be wrong. Some paths lead to dead ends & you end up off track. That’s why you need to admit, “God, I need help.” --Proverbs 14:12 ~  The weapon most used by the evil one is fear. What has driven society to go out and grab the "cure" to the disease? Fear. What has motivated the government, business owners and schools to discriminate against those who don't want the "cure?" Fear.  So let me get this straight. If the cure works, then why are people afraid of the disease? The ones without the "cure" should be more fearful... but they're not because their eyes are open. When people have the Spirit living within them, they have discernment and understanding --- not as the world does. They have more of an intuitive gut wrenching feeling to avoid what is absolutely necessary. What one person may think