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The End Times is Calling Us to Be Kind to One Another

Have you ever felt like you couldn't hear God anymore, or that you may have lost that connection with Him? I've always gone through this from time to time, and I couldn't figure out why. With close communication with God through prayer and meditation (mediation on the Word)---I always had some sort of answer, be it through the words of someone else, or an impression God Himself had given me and mainly through the Bible itself. I've received miraculous signs and miracles such as asking for a dove to land next to me, and not even 10 seconds later---there it was! I've prayed for financial help, and a few days later, $700 crisp fifty dollar bills were laying at the bottom of my purse (the exact amount I needed.) I investigated that like a detective, and nobody claimed it was them that placed it there, and no, I did not sleepwalk and rob a bank somewhere. These things all happened and I have this all on video as well.  But what if you lose that connection with Him?  Wher

Helping Others While On Your Own Journey to Recovery

Many people pray without the expectation of an answer. Maybe it's because they need a little more faith, or that they're used to not getting a solid response. But God doesn't necessarily give you a "solid" response, He will most likely give you the subtle hints of his blessings---something you have to be aware of. Exactly one month ago, I fell into a dark pit of depression. I honestly didn't know if I could get out of this one. Usually, I remain quiet, maybe even reach out to a loved one about it, but I don't want to become a burden on anyone. So over on Instagram, where I mainly put most of my private life on display (even more than this blog sometimes) -- I posted a beautiful picture of the moon behind a purple sky from my childhood home. And I wrote something incredibly heartfelt---something that came from deep within. I had a sense of 'dread'---a sense that I was no longer going to be here, but not by my own doings. I was heading into a deep de

Life and Death Are In the Power of the Tongue

In all my years, I have never seen politics become so vile, vicious and even downright dangerous as I do today. Whatever side you're on, people are killing one another over it. A few years back, it was interesting to talk about politics with people, even those with opposing views. Today, you literally have to make sure you're wearing a bulletproof vest if you wanna go there. The thing that I'm noticing the most, is that people are bonding more when they have someone to mutually hate. Whether you hate Biden or you hate Trump, they are bonding through the mutual hatred of another person, as well as the mutual hatred of those who support that person.  And then you have social politics, where two or more people will gather as friends due to a common interest: somebody they hate. Nothing bonds them better than hating the same person. These types of people cannot be trusted. In most cases, they use one another to form a clique, and some even do it to gain something monetarily as