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Ignorance Is a Choice

Not too long ago, I received an interesting comment that came to me as an email by Shelagh Watkins. She wrote, "About bathroom spaces and who should use them. We are berated constantly about transgender people's rights to have their feelings respected. However, little is said about the rights of the remaining 99.9% of the population to have their feelings respected. Many females have phobias about using public bathrooms. All kinds of phobias, from fear of attack to the fear of urinating in public. These irrational fears and phobias are very real. Just knowing that men dressed in women's clothes, of any sexual orientation, could be present in a female bathroom or changing area, is deeply distressing to some females. I'm using the word 'female' because the word 'woman' has been usurped by the trans community and has lost its original meaning, which is sad. We lost the word 'gay' and now we are about to lose the words 'man' and 'wom

Christians Who Primarily Focus on Homosexuality Based on Fear

You wouldn't normally think that a Christian conservative's mind would keep stumbling upon the same thought time after time: sex, sex, sex and more sex . I do believe that there are Christians out there that are very concerned about sexual relations (of any kind really), but more so in hopes to keep their own repressions in check. And hoping that I don't sound too redundant and cliche -- why do you think so many priests fail to fall into the "purity" category or perhaps slip into a slimy world of pedophilia? Their prey are usually weak and vulnerable. They need weak individuals to target, otherwise their mission would only be that much harder. I mean -- what adult in their right mind would have an affair with a priest without the notion of going to hell right before leaving his bedroom...or confession booth? Sexual repression for some people can be dangerous because it's like a dam. One simple crack can bust through the vulnerable areas if it's not contr

Hypochondria: The Girl Who Cried Wolf

This year I have taken two large breaks from writing. Back in November I had my hysterectomy that left me foggy for a few months and this past week, I came down with a terrible flu which I'm still recovering from. I'm better, but because of my underlining asthma, the after effects of the bronchitis leaves me hacking up a lung still. Thank God for the prescription cough meds at night or I wouldn't sleep at all. I can see how people get addicted to this crap. I never had such great sleep in my life. Little by little, I've been trying to do more, or at least slowly slide back into my routine again. As soon as I think I'm ok -- I get knocked out by exhaustion and curl up into the fetal position with a mountain of tissues & a few puffs of my inhaler. It definitely hasn't been fun at all. With two trips to the ER to receive breathing treatments and a ton of albuterol and steroids 'to go' -- I should have more energy than my chihuahua. There's no