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4 Ways to Cope With a Breakup or Separation In a Healthy Way

Many people underestimate the grief associated with a divorce or a breakup. This can even be with severed ties with a good friend. Everyone's different, and everyone grieves differently. But the power of a separation can truly destroy a person. Also, a separation can either make or break the relationship. So when your mind is set on, "He/she will never call me," ---don't bank on that. The void of your absence will either show one or two things: how much they missed and loved you, or how okay they are without you. That doesn't mean they don't love you---they probably still do. Sometimes a circumstantial situation can create a lack in contact. For instance, personally speaking, I've always told my spouse 30 years ago, I would never marry a cop or soldier. I respect them and thank them for their service, but I don't want to see two officers come walking up to my door and tell me the worst news imaginable, nor do I want to bite my nails off every time I se