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4 Ways To Forgive the "Unforgivable"

Sometimes, people can really disappoint us. Maybe you found yourself in an argument that burned out of control like a wildfire, where there seemed to be no hope for forgiveness nor reconciliation. Words are powerful and usually unforgettable. You start reading or watching videos about "toxic people" or "narcissism"---but be careful how you diagnose someone, because it may have been a knee-jerk reaction toward a previous action. Too many people use these terms to justify what these people have done to them. Many of us like to play victim and use these terms to make the other person look or feel bad. But technically, not everyone who hurts you is in fact, a narcissist.  Here are my 4 ways to truly forgive. You may not agree with my methods, but they work for me, even if there is zero reconciliation whatsoever.  Apologize Anyway This method works well, because you're acknowledging and apologizing for your reaction. That's OKAY---it's not like you're say

5 Ways To Tell If Your Friend Has Your Best Interest at Heart

Over the years I learned a lot about people. I'm pretty intuitive when it comes to people's energy. I'm not talking ~witchcrafty~ intuitive---I'm talking about true discernment. Don't get it twisted. You can tell a lot about how someone treats you, as well as if they prioritize you in a certain way. Keep in mind---people have busy lives and sometimes can't prioritize you for whatever reason. It doesn't mean they don't care for you or have your best interest at heart. I'm talking about those who make you a last resort sort of option. The kind of person I'm talking about will most likely avoid calling you, meeting up with you, however, they will send you a million videos from Instagram and Tiktok---(or as my gen-x lingo would have it, a "chain letter" of sorts---junk mail if you will.) They'll never just ask, "Hey, how are you?" You may see them at events, or bump into them and they'll spare a few minutes, but that's