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Sun Gazing: God's Pharmaceuticals

For the past couple of weeks during the late morning hours, I've been sitting out on my deck in the sun to boost my vitamin D levels. On the first day, I grabbed my new sunglasses that cost me an arm and a leg, and didn't feel like I was getting enough sun for some reason. So I took off the glasses, and felt entirely different---almost like the sun was penetrating through my mind, body and soul. It was euphoric---as if I was sitting on the beach. Even later in the afternoon/early evening, I would sit out on my back porch which faces the west and did the same thing. Absolutely euphoric. Why?  I didn't beg for an answer, I just knew that my sunglasses were just for driving now. Last night I learned something new. It's called, "sun gazing." I mean---how many times were we told not to look directly into the sun? And if you're like-minded, you know that whatever is healthy for you, big pharma will replace it with something that'll require a dependency for m