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Tornado Warning

Sorry I haven't been blogging much, but to keep this website a bit more active, I'm throwing some videos up as I go. I will be back to my normal schedule next week. Sorry for the lack of visits and I will be back in full force soon! This is a video I made when there was a tornado warning in my area a couple of weeks ago. I had my new toy (video camera) and it is a bit shaky, but I'm getting the hang of it. Check out the rainbow after the storm on this video. I shot this right right outside of my deck and through a couple of windows. (The window part I was just too damn scared to go outside!)

A Spontaneous Get Together

This is a video of a spontaneous get together at our place last night. I was surprised to see a couple of fellow bloggers you all may know! My thanks to TeeJay (Todd), Just Because Today (Myriam), fellow bloggers who are now personal friends of mine, to make this video even that much more special!

Another Hot & Humid Day in New York

It’s another hot day in New York. It feels like a sauna outside and luckily for me, my a/c in my car decided to stop working. Technology has spoiled us, leaving us to think that we need a/c units for us to stay alive, and when a bit of humidity falls upon us like split pea soup, we’re gasping for air in hopes that we won’t soon be pushing up daisies. When I woke up, I got excited because I saw that it was overcast. I thought it might have cooled things down a touch, until I stepped outside and realized it was still as thick as molasses. I don’t do heat, more so, humidity. Give me a 90 degree day with no humidity and take my damn ass to the beach. I’m ready to go. It’s not only the hot and humid days that get to me - it’s how it affects other people. For instance, yesterday late afternoon, I had stopped into our local farm market to pick up a few things. There was a long line of people waiting ahead of me. Each person who went up to the counter and plopped their produce down had a

Fun Times (2nd Video)

Another creation from clips of this past year...

My Past Year

This is a video I put together of our past year with family and friends. I apologize for the poor quality of the video, but it's not easy trying to make a video with a BlackBerry and a small tourist cam and have it appear HD. I have now purchased an HD video cam, so hopefully now I won't have so much distortion in my videos.

It's Not Me, It's You...

Periodically, I’ll try to look at myself first, as far as my actions and behavior toward people, and see what it was that ‘stirred the pot’ if somehow, drama seeped into the mix. Being that I’m an explosive person; a reactive creature to conflicts, I’ll be the first one to admit, “Hey, it was me, I’m sorry”, but lately, it hasn’t been the case. I’ve been getting involved in these mini-dramas that produce way too much for what it’s worth. Within our circle of friends, (as well as outside of our circle), we have a couple of women who somehow have forgotten that we’re a married couple. By nature, I’m a very sarcastic sonovabitch, and at times, flirtatious. Everything is in jest and hopefully taken ‘the right way’. As much as I dislike on and off relationships, having been through them enough, I also try to avoid on and off friendships. They seem to have a substance that I can’t quite put my finger on, but yet, have an inkling of what causes the reasons for its madness. I try not t

Never a Dull Moment...

You’re still not going to get any ‘deep & meaningful’ stuff out of me just yet. My mind is awfully scattered this past week - hell, this past month, so bear with me. The mini crazy dramas at home have kept me well occupied to last me for a while. Being that I live in a condo complex that is divided by each individual owner, every condo has their own set of rules of course. The home association only determines what goes on outside of your condo: no shoes outside the foyer, only 1 hanging plant, no big flags unless American, absolutely no umbrellas and electric grills only. You get my drift. The entire community is well kept and the landscaping is beautiful. The only downfall to this lovely little circle of homes are the many dog owners. Each building holds ten families. I live in a section where there are only hard working young couples hustling from work and then off to happy hour. It’s nice that way. No time for pets. One of them owns a 14 year old mutt. She’s cute, bla

Miss Social Butterfly

I’m truly amazed of how well my neighbor downstairs is interacting with the other neighbors. She is playing very nicely in the sandbox these last couple of days, and mingling with other dog owners, as well as non-dog owners. She is constantly outside with her little pup - possibly an excuse to come out of her shell.   As I walked downstairs to head off to the gym, there she was, sitting on the lawn, smiling and greeting me. Again, I knelt down besides her and pet the cute little dog with the sharp teeth...and once again, I could not help but stare at her feet that were in the same surf boards --err-- flip flops as they were the other day when I had seen her. My mother advised me to not be rude and stare at her feet because she’s probably self-conscious, but I just couldn’t help it. It was like not looking at the 5 inch inch lady at the circus. Impossible. One evening, we had a huge power surge within the entire community. The electricity went out and our power box beside our buil


I’ve finally found out why my neighbors downstairs sound like a pack of wild boars walking around. I had thought that it was just a case of an angry stride or perhaps, something had annoyed them. We kept blaming their angry stomps on the neighbor below them. They’re a couple of young kids that tend to pump up their stereo a bit too loudly and have parties every once in a while. I had at times, thought that the two of them were upset with us after we had a get together that ran a bit after midnight or if we laughed too loudly, which happens often. No. As I’m walking toward my building, I see my neighbor walking in front of me. She now has a little miniature pincher. As she was making her way into her apartment, I was trying to pass her, when her dog came out to greet me. I stopped and played with him as his razor sharp teeth dug into each finger of mine. My neighbor suddenly opened up and said, “Wow, it looks like he really likes you!” We started talking from there, and as our

Losing My Mind

If it’s a full moon at night, does it still affect us in the a.m. hours? Sirens are going off nonstop, my neighbors are screaming bloody murder at one another because their underwear went off into dryer heaven, leaving them walking around commando, and dogs have been continually barking throughout the night into the morning. Madelene’s on her third cup of coffee walking around asking me if she looks “fat in this”, and my internet connection is teasing me saying, “Here I am! ...Now I’m gone. WAIT! Here I am! GONE!” Madelene keeps forgetting something as she tries to walk out the door for work, so the door is opening, closing, opening, closing. Reminds me of Sesame Street when they tried to teach you Spanish. “Abierto! Cerrado! Abierto! Cerrado!” You’re laughing ‘cause you damn well remember that crap. My iPod keeps dying out on me and today, it has finally taken its last breath, so I am heading to the Sprint store to gear up my BlackBerry to do the job for me. I had no clue th

Bodily Fluids

It’s not surprising at all to see pigs at your local gym. And what I mean by that is, there are too many people lacking in personal hygiene or the respect for others as far as wiping off their gym equipment. As I’m waiting for this rather large muscular woman to finish with her tricep machine, which looks as though you’re sitting on a chair backwards, then pulling in the levers - I noticed that she was done with her sets. She got up, to which I had expected her to walk over to the clorox wipe box and pull a few of those puppies out, but instead, she shuffled her amazon self over to the next machine. I decided to walk over to the machine and give it a once over. She had left ass marks on the seat. Not only were they cheek marks, but it was a little puddle left behind. I would have wiped it off myself, but I have never, ever once in my life seen anything so nasty as this at a gym.  Pigs! The entire episode left a bad taste in my mouth, so I left the weight circuit area and just de

Human Goal: A Long Life Lived

It was a rough morning for me. I had woken up from a terrible nightmare. Sometimes I don’t know where or why these nightmares occur, but this time, I have a feeling it’s because of all the terrible accidents happening nearby where I live. There has been a lot of coverage of it here on the local news. One story just blew my mind.  A 36 year old mother of one was driving along the Taconic Parkway with four other children that belonged to her brother. She drove into a “do not enter” ramp and headed southbound in the northbound lanes. She collided into an SUV killing the four girls that belonged to her brother and three other men from Yonkers that were coming home from a Sunday dinner with their family. Questions were raised: Why did the woman hop onto the wrong ramp with a “do not enter” sign? Why did she travel for so long on the Taconic Parkway in the wrong direction? She had called her brother during her travel letting him know she didn’t feel well. But, they still have no ide