Losing My Mind

If it’s a full moon at night, does it still affect us in the a.m. hours? Sirens are going off nonstop, my neighbors are screaming bloody murder at one another because their underwear went off into dryer heaven, leaving them walking around commando, and dogs have been continually barking throughout the night into the morning. Madelene’s on her third cup of coffee walking around asking me if she looks “fat in this”, and my internet connection is teasing me saying, “Here I am! ...Now I’m gone. WAIT! Here I am! GONE!”

Madelene keeps forgetting something as she tries to walk out the door for work, so the door is opening, closing, opening, closing. Reminds me of Sesame Street when they tried to teach you Spanish. “Abierto! Cerrado! Abierto! Cerrado!” You’re laughing ‘cause you damn well remember that crap.

My iPod keeps dying out on me and today, it has finally taken its last breath, so I am heading to the Sprint store to gear up my BlackBerry to do the job for me. I had no clue that I could store all my music on it. I cannot work out at the gym and listen to their techno bullshit blaring from each corner. It’s enough to give someone a seizure. And as many things are turning on and off, so are my weird relations with people I am in contact with.   Off, on, off, on...off.

So as my scattered mind gingerly walks through this beautiful and crazy morning, I’m hoping it calms down before I completely lose it altogether. I will blog on a more serious note possibly later on this weekend or Monday. I’m sorry I’ve been kind of absent lately, but losing your mind isn’t a good thing while trying to write something of significance.

Enjoy your day!