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From Soup to 'Nuts'

It's strange how some things may appear as one way, when actually it's the total opposite. Speaking on a lesser scale -- I can offer you a cupcake and you'll say "no" when in fact, it's the one thing you've been craving all week. "No" can be a self-discipline type of mechanism that we use in order to better ourselves in some way. Even the word "love" can be a self-discipline type of mechanism. For instance, two people can be totally in love, but the relationship itself is very unhealthy for whatever reason. Sometimes, the words, "I hate you" is screamed out, when in fact the words, "I love you" still remains deep in the heart. I remember an ex of mine screamed out, "I hate you!!!" I was so shocked -- so hurt beyond words, that I could barely even respond. A few days later, I had to ask, "You hate me?" The words kept repeating themselves inside my mind. "I HATE YOU!" That's all I

My First Love

It's easy to say, "I'm Christian" and easier to talk the talk, but how much harder is it to actually walk the walk? We're all human and I truly believe that we are all connected on such a cosmic level that we don't even realize that even if we seem to fall out of that "Christian box", or {standard way of worshipping God} that nothing can ever separate us from God. But what if we get too sidetracked to the point of not receiving the gifts of God in the 'here and now'? I have learned so much this year in regards to how God works in my life. I noticed that I pray more when I'm struggling with something. I prayed endlessly hearing about my mother's cancer diagnosis. I prayed each time she went through radiation, chemo and all of those grueling operations and procedures to make it all better somehow. I prayed and prayed and prayed. I never prayed so much in my life. When I finally received an  answered  prayer that Mom was now cancer-fre

Jesus: The Original Liberal

Christianity has a variety of followers who seem to go by different doctrines. Each "moral compass" is different for each believer. Some Christians call their faith "truth", while others simply are honest and call it what it is: a belief system that cannot be proven. I guess for me, my faith is my "truth", but it may not be "truth" for somebody else -- and I'm OK with that. Many Christians aren't OK with their truths becoming more of a fairytale belief system to others -- and angered over the fact that their god isn't seen as thee god. It becomes a childish competition of whose god is better. They fight with non-believers, as well as those who are already Christian. One group could ramble off a scripture, while the other group listening will interpret it in a whole other way. Who's right? Who's wrong? An endless battle that will never be proven --ever. If I imagined how Jesus would be today, living in this crazy world f

Holiday Blues: Letting the Past Go

Once upon a time, Christmas used to be the one holiday I sooooo looked forward to -- especially Christmas Eve. My parents held the most magnificent parties on that night. We kept up an Italian tradition where we did the Feast of the Seven Fishes. The night before Christmas Eve, Dad would prep and cook all of the seafood until 5am and then crash for the rest of the day. I miss smelling boiling shrimp on December 23rd, in prep for the big party. There are no more smells of lobster and crabmeat salad being mustered up, no more delicious aromas of garlic and breading for the stuffed clams wafting up into our area while we all slept (or tried to) 2am in the morning. The next day (or evening), Mom would start frying shrimp and yellow tail around 6pm, batting me off with a spatula as I tried convincing her that I'm the "taste tester". She made this amazing antipasto, along with Italian bread, assorted cheeses and a ton of chips just to nosh on before the real deal came shuff

Donald Trump: The Real Terrorist

As Jesus once said -- the real Christian view. Months, even weeks ago I stated many times that I was so sick and tired of politics that I would actually vote for Trump just for the entertainment itself. He's a showman, an attention grabber, as well as a sideshow circus. Why not? Every other president before him seemed to have taken on the "class clown" status in their own quirky and corrupt way. But this is a bit different. Again, I will state that I am not a liberal or a conservative. I have views that land both in the left and right field of politics. I also usually never dabble in politics, especially on Facebook. I guess blogging is different. So my opinions will flow freely on this forum. Why is Trump taking this to a whole new level? Is it because people wouldn't vote for him unless he has pushed the envelope? He seems to cater to the older generation. Most senior citizens love him because he has an old fashioned "Archie Bunker" approach on pol

Is It Sinful to Love Another Sinner?

We will never win any argument, nor will we win any case or issue that needs to be resolved if our opinions are not absolute "truths". We'll fight till the bloody end. Isn't that how it is with religion? "My god is better than your god" type of thinking as well as, "Your sin is worse than mine," and on and on it goes. Opinions, beliefs and faith in religion(s) are all non-factual magnetized views that creates an upheaval within society. You can just log onto Facebook and see what I mean. People are now posting about their views -- whether or not they're pro-gun or anti-gun. Gun control is a very passionate topic to discuss, especially with your friends and family no less. But every time we have a mass shooting, this topic seems to rear its ugly head. Friends de-friend and relatives dish it out on the holidays while trying to enjoy dinner. It. never. ends. This morning, I had a woman hop onto my live broadcast who told me that being