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Personal Convictions

The other day, I was discussing Mother Teresa with somebody I recently met. We spoke about how Mother Teresa had personal struggles regarding her faith in God; that she didn’t feel God’s presence. My friend, we’ll call her “Laura”, said something pretty significant to me. “It sounds to me like Mother Teresa's issue may have been she was looking for God outside of herself, which is one thing Western religions tend to do. It seems very obvious from her life she had a spiritual connection, but that does not necessarily keep a person from going through the various tribulations life presents to us.” For a while, I’ve been going through much of the same thing: feeling as though God isn’t present. I felt as though God is “outside” of my life – so I need to wait for Him to either appear or give me some sort of miraculous sign that He’s there, when all along, He’s within me, around me and outside of me. I even contemplated about dabbling into a new “religion” or faith, however m