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What Is Your True Purpose?

Identities  Successfully divided, whether you believe so or not. More and more people are only at the surfaced level---no God in their lives, no passions for anything in life and no pursuit for anything bigger than themselves. Many are okay with merely existing. And that's okay. We are here to exist, and that's our personal choice. Many of us are feeling hopeless about this world, but not realizing that we are not of this world. We are spirit beings---energy---that cannot be distinguished---even after we die. We have so much beyond this world. This world will fade away, but remember, heaven is forever.  "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away." --Matthew 24:35 So many people set their identities on what they do for a living, what kind of house they have or cars they own and who they choose to spend their life with. Your life is much more than these things. What if you have a "Job" moment---where God removes every single thing you

Psychological Warfare

Now that the pandemic is over---and it is---(minus the fight against mandates and human rights) there are many people like myself, who are so worn out and disinterested in ever visiting your restaurant or establishment for fun. It would have to be more of a necessity---my car broke down and I was starving. "Oh look, there's a diner up ahead!" I've become indifferent to invitations to parties, events and even weddings and family holiday dinners. I've gotten so accustomed to eliminating people in my life, because the government told me so. The government told me to stay far, far away from people and places and things and....well, life. Zoom calls take place of my in person meetings. FaceTime with family and friends was fun at first, but offered a virtual sense of what it might be like if I were sitting in the same room with them.  Not the same. Every single weekend, we used to hold dinner parties, or go to a friend's dinner party. Sometimes we'd venture out