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Calling All Humans Who Love God!

”Because our words carry tremendous power, we need to learn to say only what needs to be said . . .words which will bless and edify, not curse or tear down.” ~Joyce Meyer It’s no secret that I don’t think before I speak sometimes. I say things abruptly when I’m angry and sometimes hurt those that I love the most. It happens. There are times where I find myself saying things unintentionally that make others feel bad. It’s because I fail to think before I speak sometimes. I’m still learning. I've learned to keep my mouth shut and wait 24 hours before I speak when I'm angry. Words hold so much power. Even psychology teaches us to say it, believe it, and then do it. If you keep telling yourself, “I can’t do it, I can’t do it!” Eventually, you will start believing that you can’t do it. If you tell yourself, “I can do this!” Eventually, you will start to believe that you can do it. Visualization techniques such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is another way to establish belief

Christians Chant: "God Hates Fags!"

Matthew Shepard beaten to death because he was gay. Teena Brandon (or Brandon Teena) was raped and killed due to the intolerance of her lifestyle. …”Sadly - The only thing Deb and the "Gay Christian" community is doing is 'loving' and 'tolerating' people STRAIGHT to hell.” Dani says. Isn’t that what Jesus did? He loved and tolerated those who sinned. We’re all sinners- regardless. This story below proves that Jesus accepted sinners. The most important thing to Him is that you love Him with all your heart. That’s the most important commandment of all. “Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman” One of the Pharisees asked Jesus to come to his home for a meal, so Jesus accepted the invitation and sat down to eat. A certain immoral woman heard he was there and brought a beautiful jar filled with expensive perfume. Then she knelt behind him at his feet, weeping. Her tears fell on his feet, and she wiped them off with her hair. Then she kept kissing his feet and putting per

The Faces are Many...In the Name of Religion

As Dani continues to speak of my “sin” on her blog, I chose to take part in the discussion. Maxime, a young girl who was influenced by Dani was a guest blogger who brought up my situation a couple of times. "How can Deb call herself a Christian if she’s a lesbian?" I’m not going to say much upon this topic, due to the redundancy. I can only ask if you can view this video below. It shows how intolerant this world is to people who are different. The hatred and violence is beyond it’s limits. People have lost their lives by others who were intolerant of their lifestyle. They feel they have “righteous judgment” and feel the need to convict those who they think are committing a sin. Isn’t it God’s job to judge? Don’t we trust God to do His job? My question is, how can you be hateful and still call yourself a Christian? The most important commandment is this: “Hear O Israel! The Lord our God is the one and only Lord. And you must love the Lord your God with all you

The Memory Pill

Gamey smelling turkey leftover in the fridge, a few pieces of pie still lying on the bottom shelf and a few pumpkins left over from Halloween still sitting in the same spot. I need to throw them out. There’s an eerie calmness after a holiday. On Thanksgiving, it’s more of a tranquil feeling. There’s still an exciting energy due to the next holidays coming up. Is it excitement or anxiety? I’m not sure. Wayworn travelers cluttered bumper-to-bumper on the freeways trying to make it back home from relatives’ houses and/or shopping sprees grumble and honk their horns at other motorists, fearing never getting to their destinations. Department stores packed with agitated shoppers and their toddlers screaming and crying begin to settle on your last nerve. “I need a drink.” “Okay, let’s head to ‘Friday’s’ for a cocktail.” Amy suggests. We head over to the big square bar that wrapped itself almost around the entire room. The tables on the side were filled up with overtired and hu


The world is not always a peaceful place to live. Encounters with fear, worry, and difficult circumstances encroach regularly. But it isn’t Gods desire to allow the negative aspects of life to steal your peace, joy, hope, and confidence. God wants to help you deal with your fears and worries. When you fully understand that the battles and struggles of life are not yours to fight alone, you experience divine peace and gain the strength to live your life fully. This peace from God is unlike the natural peace you experience in your life. That type of peace fluctuates with circumstances. Divine peace is dependent on your relationship with God, and as long as you are living in close communion with Him, it is a constant in your life, no matter what is going on around you. God’s peace supernaturally calms your fears and serves as an assurance of his presence. What a blessing! Divine peace in your heart and mind is not subject to the whims of circumstance and fortune. It is a true and lasting

Come On Rosie!

As a gay person myself, I’m totally appalled about what Rosie O’Donnell said to Kelly Ripa. Rosie basically pulled the “homophobe” card out. It all happened when Clay Aiken was co-hosting for Regis on “ Live with Regis and Kelly ”. He put his hand over Kelly’s mouth because she was talking over him. Kelly got offended, and Clay said, “Oh, now you’re mad at me,” and Kelly responded, “Well I don’t know where that hand of yours has been!” Rosie thinks it was geared towards Clay being a homosexual, as she made that clear on “ The View ”. Kelly explained that due to her having kids, Clay shaking hands with everyone of his fans and the fact that it’s flu season had her worried about her hand over her mouth. She is totally right. Now, as I stand —as a gay person with OCD--- I am applauding Kelly for standing up for herself! I cannot stand it when gay celebrities pull out the ‘gay card’, just as though some people of different cultures will pull out the ‘race card’. Kelly would have said it to

Trying to See Past the Fog

A pile of rubble in the middle of the room. It’s making me claustrophobic and irritable. It’s all my miscellaneous worries, fears and misfortunes stacked up right before me, in the proverbial sense. There’s a ton of cleaning up to do before the holidays. I feel like I’m being tugged in so many directions. Guilt, fear, depression and anxiety have all taken center stage. I prayed to God for something positive to happen. He was able to give me a happy thought for the meantime, just to tide me over. It worked and I went on about my day. Today’s a new day though. I need His help again. The constant imbroglio consisting of family and friends as well as my lover has me in a bit of a quandary. Bleck! I think it’s the time of year, to tell you the truth. I tapped into the posts that I wrote this time last year. I realized that I was in a gloomy state of mind, and ranting about depressing things. I even displayed a picture of how it looked outside- the same scene that I’m viewing right now. It’s

Manipulating Pub’s Clientele

Please click on the picture above, in order to read how Amy & I manipulated a few guys sitting at the bar. A true story that will be told to my grandchildren!

Blogger Etiquette

In all of the fifteen months that I’ve been blogging, I’ve never really discussed my thoughts on just that …blogging. I had just written my first book, and I needed an outlet of some sort, for random nonsense talk about anything type of writing. But where? Then a friend of mine suggested I start a blog. What the heck is a blog? I never heard of this before. I even tried to start a website on Yahoo Groups—but that quickly died out. I canceled it and thought there was really nothing I can do, but to write a journal in my word document. Starting off in blogworld, I decided it was going to be focused on my religion in Christianity and focusing on the gay and lesbian lifestyle, which is a contradiction to many people. They see me as this deceitful sinning Christian, who uses chicanery to persuade those who are happy with their lives as homosexuals. There were debates (still are) and many anonymous emails directed to myself, either communicating their beliefs and opinions and/or just tactle

A Friday Funny Clip

Enjoy your weekend! Don't drink & drive!

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The ability to give is an incredible gift. The ability to give without expectations and/or resenting it later on is definitely a trait in someone’s character that’s admirable. In the back of your mind, you always have to wonder what people’s motives are. The ‘do gooders’ in life- why do they go out of their way, to just throw it back into your face? Are they sincere at the time of their generosity? Or do they already know and premeditated a plan to let it all come crashing down, once the ‘receiver’ has been satisfied with the gift at hand? A “thank you” isn’t enough. Some ‘do gooders’ want your blood. They want you to serve them forever- reminding you of every good deed they have done for you. There are some ‘do gooders’ who feel that their good deeds will be noticed by God, or worse yet, be noticed by other people. “Oh what a wonderful person Jane is! Look at her charity work! She is a Godsend!” Do they look for that special pat on the back? Or do they expect

It's Time to Hit the Gin!

You probably come across this all the time. The dilemma of ‘what to do on the weekends’. For me, plans can be made, but plans always change. I can’t stick to a certain plan. Spontaneity always rears its beautiful head. It’s as if plans totally strap you in- not letting you back out. Sign on the dotted line, and if you don’t pull through with it, your integrity is at stake. It’s just like keeping a promise. Promises aren’t supposed to be broken. But what if our mood changes, and we feel like going bowling instead of the movies? Why not do both? What about going to the winery instead of heading out to the farm market? Dilemmas. Anyone that knows me really well is certainly aware of my quick turn around decisions. They know that if they ask me on Monday to go out to a jazz club on Saturday, they also know that this may change at any given moment. My partner is used to it by now. She makes fun of me, and laughs when she comes home, expecting to go to restaurant A., when in fact, I chang

Are You Depressed?

Am I getting SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), or am I just going through a funk? It’s been a while and I have my moments of being happy and jovial, to being tired and depressed. I guess it’s normal. When I’m in my good moods, I tend to throw down more vitamins, work out more and make sure everything is ultra clean …including having antibacterial gels handy at all times. When I’m a bit blue, the OCD kind of goes away. I’m no longer concerned with the possibilities of germs or phobias about certain idiosyncrasies that I have. Damn infomercials with their redundant spews of poor advertising. “Are you run down and listless? Do the things you once enjoyed, no longer interest you anymore? Do you oversleep? Do you suffer from insomnia? Do you have thoughts of suicide? Have you been experiencing weight gain or weight loss? Do you cry a lot? Do you get muscle aches? Well, if you do, these may be signs of clinical depression.” I mean, how many of us get a bit tired and run down from time to

No, Wait!...

Never before, in my entire blogging experience have I written a list of things that annoy me. I’m a storyteller, not a list maker. A true storyteller —never fiction, but I never thought about making a list like this before. I’ve been thinking way too much about what annoys me in life. It’s mostly the news I get from the media that drives me batty. First one thing is good for you, and then the next day, it’s totally bad. What am I to believe? What are we to believe? 1.) Red wine is the only alcohol that’s good for you. The grape seed in it has some beneficial qualities for your heart. No, wait--now, they’re saying that you have to drink a gallon per day in order to receive the benefits from the grape seed. Great. There goes any thought of AA. 2.) Red wine isn’t the only alcohol good for you—a shot of vodka, a shot of any whiskey—hell, even beer is good for you now! So drink up and live longer. They never mention liver failure…ever. 3.) Spinach has e-coli in it. Now it’s all lettuce!