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For the Greater Good

These are my thoughts and beliefs alone, and nobody else's. I can't speak for everyone else---only myself. My opinions, research and beliefs do not reflect anyone I work for. Most people I work along with have different views than I do. So with that being said, it hurts to see so many people still at odds with one another over political and mostly, social issues. They want us to hate each other. Don't let them win. "Them" is subjective. Them isn't really subjective if you think about who's been screaming 'fear' into our homes, making us want to crawl back deeper into our caves, isolating ourselves from family and friends...isolating ourselves from the world itself. At first it seemed like a good idea. Two weeks, and we'll be back to normal. Well, now they're saying two years and we'll be back to "normal." And now, without your "special identification jabby card," you won't be able to come out and play with the re

Can People Change?

Do you think a person can change? For instance, do you think a person with abusive behavior can change, or maybe someone who is unfaithful and cheats on their spouse can change their ways? What about someone who constantly lies? I honestly believe that people can change, but it takes time, and in most cases, it's impossible for a leopard to change its spots. Sometimes, it's just in their nature---imbedded and rooted---no chance for change. At what point do you accept that person as who they are, and meet them where they're at, or just simply, (or not so simply) walk away for good? I thought about this a lot these past couple of years. I'm a big believer in forgiveness. In the Bible, when Peter asked Jesus, "How often should I forgive my brother? As many as seven times?" Then Jesus told him, "I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven." This basically means, you are to always forgive, as God always forgives you. But shouldn't there

Is It the End Times? How Do We Know?

It can be frightening to hear a pastor or preacher talk about the end times. Some avoid churches just to attend another who will make them feel good. And that's okay. But at what point do you really want to hear the truth? And what is "truth?" It can be subjective. When I was 'still on the milk' -- a baby Christian if you will, I wanted to hear all of those 'feel good' messages, say for example, Joel Osteen. "Yes! You're gonna get that raise you prayed about---oh, and that bad report from the doctor is going to change! God is gonna give you so much money, you'll be able to pay off your house and buy your neighbor's as well!"  Listen, I love to hear a feel good message as much as anyone, but this is just "gather 'em up and give 'em goosebumps" kinda preaching. It's technically called, "lukewarm sermons." They get you in the church pumped up to win the lottery, but what are you really desiring? Shouldn