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4 Important Life Lessons That Can Change Your Life

Life has this weird way of showing you what you are capable of, and of course what you still need to work on. I always say, "God's testing me today!" But in reality, we also need the good, bad and the ugly, along with the happy and the sad. We should be able to find a piece of joy in the midst of life's chaos. But I admit, sometimes it's so difficult to find a crumb of joy when you are in that miserable state of depression. I used to stay way too comfortable there, until it was agonizing to find my way back out of that pit. And of course---it's OK not to be OK. Feel the feels, but please don't stay there too long.  Happiness Is Not The Absence of Problems - It's the Ability to Deal With Them Easier said than done, right? Even if you are unable to "deal with them" --- doing nothing at all is still a decision, (I think that was quoted in a Rush song.) When in doubt---do nothing. Then there are times when you need to let yourself go with the flo

10 Signs That You Have a Toxic Person In Your Life

Don't you find this world to be a little more abrasive, maybe even more aggressive? Some people have become so self-absorbed in their own little circle of 'self' that they fail to see the bigger picture. It's the pandemic of the  'me, me, me'  syndrome. People have become lovers of self and haters of humanity. Too deep? Probably. I guess it's not that bad if you don't surround yourself with negative Nellies, however when you do, it makes you think---who else is like this?  "My problems trump your problems"  type of mindsets are so incredibly toxic---to even minimize someone else's pain is admitting that their suffering doesn't matter at all. In other words: that "friend" isn't a friend at all. Even biblically, it says you can detect a 'bad egg' by their character and what kind of fruit they produce (or don't produce.)  Remember, these are all parables and symbolic examples. "Beware of false prophets who co