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Workaholics: You May Not Like the Truth

We're all so incredibly busy. It's a busy busy life with big responsibilities ahead of you. Life can get so hectic, that the only thing you get to do when you come home is eat, poop and go to bed. (That comma in there is very important.) Weekends are for relaxing, sleeping and binge watching Netflix. Work has taken precedence over everything: your family, your friends, God, and even time for yourself. There's no balance, no give, no relief in sight. Your child begs for your attention, but you're just too incredibly exhausted to even entertain the thought of playing outside with them or helping them with their homework. You have your own crap to deal with. Your child is desperately wanting to share their day with you, so that you'll be proud of their accomplishments, but they start realizing that they're talking to someone who is half asleep already. So they take their A+ test paper and tuck it back into their binder and walk upstairs defeated...and sad. It

Do We All Have the Gift of Intuitiveness?

Science tells us that we only use 10% of our brain, while many religious and spiritual people believe that's where God resides -- in that 90% portion. Eckhart Tolle explains that you are NOT your mind. There is the Being (you as a spirit more or less) and then there is your mind. You can simply witness your mind when you're struggling with something to overcome negative reactions to certain situations. It kind of makes sense though, since we are mostly spirit, but our mind, our {carnal} state of being takes full charge sometimes. I think that's when we're separated from God. I've always wondered what makes a psychic or religious prophet gifted. There are some people who are mediums who can speak to the deceased, while there are others who can somehow predict the future. Some can read your mind. While I believe there are such things as mediums, religious prophets and psychics, I also believe there are false ones out there who either profit from it, or simply want a

Just Me, God & a Bit of Wine

As I travel through this long road of learning how to deal with my grief, there've been many suggestions and advice given to me, to which I always appreciate. Many share their own heartbreaking stories to relate to me, while others sit and just say nothing. Sometimes, that's just what I need. The one thing I'm not really a fan of is when some people suggest certain medications, like benzos and valium to get over my grief. I have a doctor and he has given me anti-anxiety meds, and is highly against going on something else. I trust him. I don't want to pop a pill each time I shed a tear for Mom. It's healthy to cry. Don't tell me not to cry. And be careful when trying to comfort someone who lost the most important person in their life, like their mother if you didn't lose your own. It can come across as if you were just trying to pacify them. Grief is a tricky thing. It can come and go as fast as it came. The other day on my birthday, I was pretty much okay.