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Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

Don't give up, no matter how bleak it looks. You're going to have 'not so good' days, when you find yourself breaking down and throwing in the towel. That's okay. Have your moment. But afterwards, sleep it off. With the days getting shorter, especially when the early day is dreary and rainy, it can mess with your psyche. Sometimes, it feels like the entire day is nighttime, each day meshing into the next, as if it were one. It's like waking up from a nightmare that you can't shake off, but eventually, when you pour your coffee and let the hot shower wash away your anxiety, that same nightmare is almost forgettable. It's the same as having a really bad day. Shake it off with time and much needed sleep. In the morning, it usually feels different and much lighter. Last night, I found myself feeling really anxious, so I called a friend. She managed to make me laugh so much, that my panic attack subsided. She wasn't like, " Okay, now calm down,"