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"You Can Let Go Now" - A Mother's Day Tribute

EDIT: I wrote this post for my mother almost 7 years ago. She had just lost my father. I wanted to give her a tribute and write something publicly for her. When she read it on her little laptop, she cried and hugged me. Now that she's in heaven, I wanted to finish this final post and let it be my tribute to her every Mother's Day.  "Love as powerful as your mother's for you leaves its own have been loved so deeply...will give us some protection forever." --J.K. Rowling There are many "best moms in the whole world", but let me tell you why my mother is the best mom. Mom didn't have it easy with me. First of all, I came along seven years after my three older siblings. She was free and clear from raising yet another baby. But I surprised her and thankfully, she accepted me. I was a breech baby -- my foot came out as my dad was driving toward the hospital while my mother was in labor. She kept quiet, not wanting to stress out my father m