Psychological Warfare

Now that the pandemic is over---and it is---(minus the fight against mandates and human rights) there are many people like myself, who are so worn out and disinterested in ever visiting your restaurant or establishment for fun. It would have to be more of a necessity---my car broke down and I was starving. "Oh look, there's a diner up ahead!" I've become indifferent to invitations to parties, events and even weddings and family holiday dinners. I've gotten so accustomed to eliminating people in my life, because the government told me so. The government told me to stay far, far away from people and places and things and....well, life. Zoom calls take place of my in person meetings. FaceTime with family and friends was fun at first, but offered a virtual sense of what it might be like if I were sitting in the same room with them. 

Not the same.

Every single weekend, we used to hold dinner parties, or go to a friend's dinner party. Sometimes we'd venture out to our favorite restaurant and stay out till late. I loved it. We had sleep overs with family and friends, game night, trips to the mall or even just to grab a cup of coffee with a buddy. If you expect me to go into a restaurant or cafe, and let the "logic" of, "If you sit down, you won't get the virus, but if you stand up, it'll get you." So people could walk in with a mask, but when they sit down, they're safe. Plus the fact that masks don't work and Lord Fauci even stated that recently. So we've been lied to. I'm even going to go as far to say, if you still believe that mask works, then I have questions about your intelligence. But if you wear it to avoid conflict as I do, I get it. The government has messed with our minds----a psychological warfare and we're OKAY with it. 

I'm angry. The government took over two good years of my life away. Kudos to you if you're still doing the same things you did in 2019. 

I'm tired and I'm depressed, but I'm hopeful. I don't care if people go out and get the jab, or if people choose not to. I'm angry at the people who coerced America and the rest of the world to get it through petty bribes. If you didn't want to initially take the vaccine---and a donut, free burgers and fries or free beer and pot made you change your mind---then you are the problem. You might not think so, but you played into the coercion of our government. Were you that desperate to risk your health and life for $100 dollars or a lottery ticket? Do you have any self-worth? And what about those who wanted the vaccine who didn't get the incentives. THAT is not fair at all. I think every single person who got the jab should've gotten everything that was offered to the hesitant ones. 

Three years ago, we bought our first home together, expecting to see so many friends and family, dinner parties and sleep overs. We wanted to entertain again, as we always did, especially in our new home. And when the pandemic hit----it hit me in the gut so hard, that I'm not sure I'll ever be the same again.

Some good, some bad.

I quit drinking. It'll be one whole year next week. I was tired of drowning out my emotions. I found a church that resonates with my personal beliefs and plan to start going next week. I've made some personal plans to get through this end tail of the pandemic. I will have my dinner parties again, I will go out and socialize again, but right now, I'm not interested. 

Whether you have been living your life to the fullest or still sort of isolating (somewhat) like myself, this entire thing was a psychological warfare. It has attacked our minds, our relationships with our friends and family, it has divided us socially and attacked our mental health in ways that are unimaginable. For some, it has wreaked havoc on our physical health too. People are afraid to go to the doctor or to their local emergency department {in fear} of getting "COVID." 

I will say this: you start to see the true colors of certain people who were or are in your life. Whether they were there for you, called you, checked up on you or made little to zero effort to see how you were doing. Also remember that many people are suffering from depression, anxiety and mainly, PTSD from what our own government has just put us through. So when someone is MIA---it's time to reach out. We can't just automatically think that they're ignoring us. I pray for those I haven't spoken to through no fault of anyone. It just is what it is.

In all my years, never have I seen anyone make a fuss whether their friends or family or coworkers or employees have gotten the flu shot. If you're protected, then why do you need the "unprotected" to protect the "protected?" Nothing makes sense, which is why you are seeing millions of people pushing back over the vaccine mandates. 

It's not happening. 

And then what?

To all the vaccinated: what will you do once you see all the mandates lift, and the last of the variants fizzle down to the common cold, and you still have that serum in you? What will you do? What will you think? I personally feel many got vaccinated to do the right thing for themselves, and for others. I choose to believe most people have more good in them than anything else. But to the ones who wished death on the unvaccinated, and supported the lies that told many they were going to die if they didn't get the jab, sometimes things aren't what they appear to be. I do sincerely pray for everyone (including the ones who wished death on me) that this vaccine doesn't cause any adverse health issues, or death on you. I would never wish ill will on anyone---even if they were my worst enemy. That kind of mindset is some kind of evil. And the majority of that mindset wishing death on you are working in your local emergency departments right now. I've experienced it firsthand, as well as my friend who recorded the entire thing. 

The truth came out. 

Now it's time for Lord Fauci to sweep this under the rug, as he's doing right now. He said that this is the last strain that we will have to live with and is mild as the common cold. So, no. need for vaccines folks. 

Game over.

The psychological warfare didn't work so well as planned. I no longer will wear the mask that never worked. I will no longer social distance. I will no longer go by the rules of people who want to kill us. And my respect for the healthcare workers who are still at their positions right now mocking those who are unvaccinated? Zero. Zilch. Nada. You chose money over other people's wellbeing. You chose the mighty dollar in order to kill or witness people being killed in your very own place of employment. I hope you can sleep well at night. Someone very close to me suggested I should run to the ER and take Remdesivir because I might die if I don't. "But it's FDA approved." It's also shutting down people's kidneys and killing people off in various ways. They got rid of every life saving protocol to help people survive. Money is the key driven motive for everything you have just witnessed in the past few years. Sadly, we know some of those people. Look into their eyes---truly look into the eyes of your friend, family member or coworker who still works in healthcare on the frontlines. They're withdrawn---a different person entirely. They're ashamed of what they've done and what they have witnessed (both being the same.) It's not about beds running out, because that never happened. It's about the lies, the orders they've taken from their management, that they had taken by the CDC. It was planned and executed. 

I am going back to 2019, when I could hug my friends, go out with the knowledge that yes----shopping cart handles are still gross. I was always a germaphobe, but this put me to a level that was just cray-cray. The knowledge of what truly happened, was the cure for my germaphobic ways---I am no longer a hypochondriac. If I have a chest pain or feel like I'm literally dying, I stay HOME. I don't go to a place where they'll just kill me off quicker. If I have a cold or flu, I stay HOME. I do what I have always done. If I hug or kiss a friend, I promise you I will not wipe your kiss off my cheek. I will not wash my hands after holding yours. I am going back to a loving, nurturing life that I once knew and loved. 

Throw your masks away. Show your beautiful face. I need more of that. 

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