Let It Go

Remember the simpler days spent watching the rain bounce off of your windowpane, hoping the sun would burst through so you could ride your bike down the street and play with your friends? Remember snow days spent sleigh riding with your siblings or friends? You'd come back into the warm house and mom would have hot cocoa waiting for you, which of course, was the best part. I distinctly remember my mom and dad as they would entertain their guests on certain evenings. I would try to listen to what they were saying, but the adult dialogue was too hard for me to understand. It seemed too complicated. And as an adult today, it's still complicated in many other ways. I think to myself, it can be so simple, if we'd let it be. But we don't "let" it. We can't "let" it go. We hold onto our precious values that nobody else seems to care about, trying to ram every bit of it down their throats, yet they still don't hear us, nor want to, simply because it just doesn't match up.

And the simple solution to all of it is: it doesn't have to match up.


But we somehow don't realize this awesome awareness that's been shining right in our faces.

My favorite color is red. It always has been. My wife's favorite color is orange. My color is a passionate primary hue that cannot be altered. Madelene's color is a secondary color, which has to be mixed by two other primaries. I can give you other personal reasons why I don't prefer secondaries. But it still won't change her mind. I can give her facts on why her color isn't really, a "singular" color at all. But her personal values are set in that one particular color for whatever reason. It can be reasons stemmed from childhood for all I know. Nevertheless, she has every right to choose what her favorite color will be, without my say, without your say, but only with sincere acceptance.

When I look up into the night sky, I stare up at the moon and stars, thinking, "Wow, my God is an amazing God," while others may say, "Wow, the universe is just amazing as ever!" We see things much differently, yet at the same time, so beautifully. I wouldn't turn to you and yell out, "Well who made the universe ya' big dummy!" And you can always turn to me and say, "There is no god you big dummy!" And there you have it: division on something we both think is beautiful. How ridiculous does that sound?

We all have reasons why we choose 'this' or 'that' in life. We all have a right to our own convictions. We do have a choice to either shove it down someone's throat or not. We can be peaceful and still hold onto our core values, while it may not seem to be going in our general direction. Just stay true to you and what you feel is important. That's all we can ever do in this life. While it may seem we can never get what we truly want in life, God has the perfect timing...of course, if you believe in God.

That's up to you to debate me on.

Or will you?

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