What's Your Motive?

Is it possible for two people with mental disorders to diagnose one another? Do you think it’s fair that one person with bi-polar disorder can judge a person who is a manic-depressive? Aren’t both the same disease? Can a person with schizophrenia know for certain that the person with bi-polar is lashing out at them?---Or was it but a dream? ---An illusion? Questions to ponder over as you sit all high and mighty, having your tea & crumpets.

Do we say things to people to provoke reaction? Do we test people to see where they stand and what they are capable of handling? When cops tell the robber that the accomplice has just confessed his story, should you really believe him? Can you trust the cop?---OR does the cop have a motive?—A hidden agenda of some sort? People will say things to simply try to get what they want. Are they seeking information that you are not willing to confess to them? Do they want to test your vulnerabilities? Do they want something from you? Maybe the world is lacking trust; maybe I’m lacking trust….

Do people lack trust because one or two people screwed them over in the past? Quite possibly. In any circumstances, I think every word that comes out of a person’s mouth who wants something from you-- has to be evaluated and gone over with a fine tooth comb.

Even on eBay, we see it a lot; people selling the wackiest things and pulling it off on vulnerable people. Do you really think that the Virgin Mary would appear on an old crusty, stale piece of toast? Well, apparently someone bought this for thousands of dollars--however, someone was smart enough with their deceptive sales technique...Words can be used like weapons and tools to get what you want, so be careful when someone gives you a good 'sales pitch'.

Let’s not worry ourselves of how many people are lying to us, let’s just be a little more cautious and read into people more, and not be as gullible as to fall into their traps.