Eye of the Beholder

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; which I would like to believe is true. Each person has their own taste on what they find ‘attractive’ in their eyes. People possess different qualities and characteristics that appeal to one’s taste. I guess you can say we’re all like snowflakes; each individual unique—not one ‘flake’ is the same.
We live in a superficial world, where looks and appearance seem to hold importance to us. I can’t speak for all people, but it seems to be true. Some people will only date beautiful people, due to their lack of self-esteem. They want to have that ‘trophy mate’—if you will. Then you have people who will only date others who are considered in society’s eyes as, “unappealing”…This also may stem from a lack of self-esteem. The person dating this “unappealing” male or female may want other people to think that they are more attractive than their mate.

I have a friend who ~we’ll call Kate~. She is a beautiful woman who has a lot going for her. She’s independent, has a good career and a bubbly personality. Kate can get any man---or any woman for that matter! Kate’s taste in men has been judged by her friends and ridiculed for obvious reasons. Is it safe to say that we judge too quickly before knowing the person for ‘who they are’? Maybe he has a great personality and a wonderful sense of humor that we refuse to get to know. We simply see the long hair, long ZZ Top-looking beard, the beer belly and the huge Harley he drove up in and say, “Oh Kate, that’s your new man?” Kate loves the look of a Harley man. Hey, who’s to judge, right? I know a lot of men who are bikers who are wonderful people, however, my taste is a bit different than hers as far as ‘dating preferences’ go. We automatically set a bad image for a particular type of person, which leaves a lasting impression on us permanently. Is it fair that we should judge others? I know I have no right to judge, because someone out there may have a permanent impression that I’m not ~*all that*~ as well.

Let’s accept others for who they are, not how they look. Looks can be deceiving, so they say…