Leaning Towards Vegan

You hear it on the news; tainted meat, and the risk of catching E. coli. We all stay away from the red meat for a while until the scare goes away. What’s next? Mad cow disease. How frightening is that? Now, I’m skeptical of eating any red meat—period!
Oh, well, to go beyond that, nothing is safe, so it seems. We have the risk of campylobacter, listeria, and salmonella poisoning. Wonderful—barbecue on sale, asking $500.00!

It seems as though nothing is safe to eat these days. For my next barbecue, I'll pop on a few celery sticks and a few carrots--organic of course. When you thought it got bad, it gets worse. Milk, cheese, chicken and even hot dogs/bologna based products are at risk. Great! Let’s see what else is on the food chain. What about fish? The news brings us updated with the release that fish is now high in mercury and bad for our health.

So now my options for meals exclude chicken, hamburgers, steaks, a nice fish dinner and possibly some cheese to go along with my wine. As I sit and wonder what’s for dinner, my stomach rumbles reminding me that I may just starve to death!

Is it possible that our global food supply has become careless to what they distribute to people? Do we need to be paranoid over every single piece of food that goes into our mouths? For the love of God- you can now get sick off vegetables now! What next? I’m starting to gnaw on my cuticles, and even that may have bacteria on it if I didn’t wash my hands twenty times a day like an OCD patient.

More and more people have started this trend to eat organic and raw vegetables. These vegans will only eat produce that is grown organically. No animal products whatsoever. The thought of entering a vegan restaurant to only eat cold soups, raw vegatables and grain as an entree is quite unappetizing. Think about it, these restaurants do not own a stove or anything that heats up food at all.

Check please!!!

This is not good for me since the only raw vegetable I like is the celery in my bloody mary.

I truly do believe that there is more danger in simply walking outside of your house than there is to eat a burger or have a few wings if you want. If it’s your time…it’s your time. God has your number, so feel free to chomp away at that burger, or eat that delicious sushi without the fear of tapeworms. Let’s be free of fear and enjoy life as it should be.

If this post has prevented you from eating your dinner this evening, I apologize...