God Help Me

Have you ever felt you were going to just burst into tears? Have you ever felt trapped inside your own intense emotions---but you couldn’t reveal what was hidden due to circumstances? Society sometimes places a huge barrier between revealing your feelings to the same degree as appearing insane. We are all bundled up with running emotions that even our own partners/husbands or wives don’t even have an inkling about. The question remains, would our true emotions destroy our life partners, or our family & friends? Would they think less of us? What if we can change our destiny just by revealing our true emotions and desires---would it be okay then? Would it be better?

PMS can be a very scary thing if you’re a woman, like myself, that has to go through this hell; however, I am not going through PMS—so what explains my incongruous mood & behavior today?

Tonight I almost lost my faith in God. If you know me personally, you would think I was really off my rocker; however, I almost became an atheist today because I was angry at God. How can someone get angry at their creator? I was tonight. If lightning doesn’t strike me this evening, I will be one happy camper.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day…