Gale Force Winds

Early morning, 6am, sleeping peacefully in a deep slumber, I awoke to gale force winds with a loud noise that scared me half to death!


I jumped up and screamed out of fear. I noticed that the back of my neck with wet from the impact of the storm. My partner sneezed on my neck! She sneezed so loud, it almost blew the roof off. Why? Why on my neck? I have never heard her sneeze so loud in all my life. Here’s the thing… I totally understand that my girlfriend has severe allergies. She can sneeze twenty times in one sitting. How many times can I bless someone for the love of GOD???????? It get redundant, therefore I blessed her ~eternity~; so that my task of blessing her is over with. The poor thing wakes up sneezing, goes about her life sneezing, and comes home to bed sneezing. Don’t get me wrong, I know I have idiosyncrasies that must drive her nuts as well, but this is bad… Sometimes we’re in a restaurant, and I notice she is pressing her fingers against the top part of her nose---as if to stop this powerful sneeze. It never works. She then begins to sneeze in her napkins approximately ten to fifteen times in a row. Everyone around us, except for me will bless her; then they look at me like, “Why didn’t you bless her? How rude!” Hmm, if they only knew!

My cell phone has all these types of different ring tones you can download, like almost every one of them out there now. When she calls me from her phone, I set her ring tone to a ‘sneeze’. It’s cute, it sounds like a little person sneezing in my pocket. I wonder, if my girlfriend didn’t sneeze everytime she woke up in the morning, would I miss it? That’s how I know she’s awake—she’s like my little alarm clock, except I don’t hear, “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!”----I hear "ACHHOOOOO! ACHHOOOOO! ACHHOOOOO!..."

I guess when you are in a relationship, we try to accept each other’s little idiosyncrasies; sometimes it’s the way we eat, other times, it’s the way we laugh that annoys our partners, and in some cases, it may be just the way you give a certain “look”. It can be anything. Do we get annoyed at our partners simply due to insecurities of our own? Remember, we all have little things we do that may annoy someone else, so don’t be so quick to judge your sweetheart if he/she decides to slurp their soup loud. Oy vey—another pet peeve. Anyway, let’s all be lenient to one another’s annoying habits…

<--There's a picture of us---my cutie is on the right in the white shirt...I think I’d miss the sneezing attacks if she didn’t do it anymore. I’m starting to think they’re cute. Maybe I’ll bless her next time—or maybe, just wear a rain slicker in bed from now on. I think I may let her type in the next blog so she can defend herself.

Even though I may poke fun at my sweetie- I wouldn't change one thing about her. Hearts
Well...maybe just a few....but....that's all..