Baby It's Hot Out!

Baby it’s HOT out! Whether you’re the type that works in this type of heat outdoors, or the type that just enjoys this steamy weather—today is supposed to be one of the hottest days of the year, so try to keep cool! I’m not a fan of this type of weather. No one looks their best wearing sweat, and no one looks their best when their hair is frizzed out like crazy. You are literally walking into a sauna by getting into your car. The air conditioner (if you have one) doesn’t kick in until you have reached your destination, and by that time, you look as though you ran across a desert.

Not even an hour away from me, my good friend sits in her office with a winter coat on. “WHAT?”—you say? Yes—my dear friend even has a space heater kicking so she won’t freeze to death by the cold breath of her office’s central air. No one can control the temperature in her office. Most big corporate offices are like that. Their systems are so big and vast, that it is almost impossible to control the temperature for each room. Each wing of the building gets either hotter or cooler, so there is literally ‘no control’…however the thought of my friend in her fur coat is quite comical while we are fanning ourselves off in this blistering heat.

Maybe it's just a fashion statement? Hmmm...........

Another sweltering thought is office attire. I see people wearing long sleeve dress shirts and even as far to go as wearing a sport’s jackets on top of that. Are we that conservative these days? I’m hoping that deoderant has not been forgotten about, because once you have taken off that business coat in your office, HASMAT will be rushed over to check for a biochemical warfare scare. Maybe a better idea is if we all wear these uniforms, so we don't breathe in these toxic fumes.

Instead of casual Fridays, I think the thought of "casual summer" is a better idea! Men will thank me for this, because you'll have better views sitting behind your desk looking at the new intern girl who just started her new clerical job. Chances are, if she knows it's casual summer, she will be walking in with a tight tee --quite possibly, looking for a raise; especially when they turn up the central air...

"Now that's hot...!"