The Sunday Morning Paper

How I used to look forward to the weekends when I used to have the conventional-type career. Now it’s just a plain ol’ Sunday. I used to love Sunday mornings. I just got the paper this morning and made an observation... I find myself resenting some of these ‘newlyweds’ who have all these success stories. Why is it that every wedding and engagement announcement only has successful people in the paper? “Bill Smith the bridegroom is a graduate from Harvard and a stock broker for Wall Street and his lovely wife Jane Doe is a graduate of Yale University and a professor for NYU.”

For once I would love to see an advertisement such as, “Joe Shmoe is a high-school drop out from Monroe Woodbury now currently trying to find himself living on disability due to his Carpal Tunnel pain from playing the guitar too much and his lovely wife Nancy Jones is a GED graduate working now as a cashier at 7 Eleven.”

Let’s be realistic here and put ‘real’ people in these ads instead of these successful lawyers and doctors! It’s not a wedding announcement, it is an announcement saying:

“I’m doing better than you are sucker!”