Smile! You're On Candid Camera!

It’s on the news, terror suspects found on security cams before carrying out their cruel intentions. They have every angle, zoom shots so close that you can see their nose hairs! They have panoramic views of the whole surrounding areas. Security cameras help our law enforcement catch criminals everyday. Banks have them everywhere, stores have them, parking lots have them now as well as the streets you walk on everyday. I personally feel safe knowing that cameras are there to watch for any suspicious behavior and record any crime committed.

Dressing rooms. Yeah stay in denial; sadly but true, “a lot” of clothing and retail stores have cameras in their dressing rooms as a theft precaution. I can just imagine walking into a dressing room, taking my clothes off for the cameras to see the mismatched bra and underwear set I have going on, because I didn’t do laundry the night before, as well as the extra ~lumps and bumps~ I didn’t know about. The cameras that are strategically placed are in spots that we would never guess they would be. I know this personally since a friend of mine used to work in a clothing store. Is this to prevent theft? Or is this another violation to our privacy?

Hmm, you always have to wonder if those cameras are placed in public bathrooms. Four years ago, I joined a very upscale health club. It was clean, and the people were friendly. One of the trainers that worked at the gym was a bit ‘too friendly’ at times. He would constantly come over to where I was working out and actually try to have a conversation with me as I panted out of breath from exercising. I think this turned him on in a sick way. The man obviously had mental issues—but who am I to talk? As I was going into the ladies’ room, I proceeded to go to the first stall. I walked in, and went about my business. I always make it a point to flush any public toilet with my foot, so that I don’t touch anything. I washed my hands and walked outside to the gym area. When I approached one of the machines, the trainer came up to me once again and said hello. He knew that I wasn’t responding as much as he would have liked so he says to me, “Interesting that you flush the toilet with your foot, I never have seen that done before.”


He's got some pair of balls doing that! Not only was this guy annoying, but he was some sick pervert who spied women going to the bathroom! I was shocked! I grabbed my towel and told him I was leaving. He then stated that he loves when I wear my sun glasses while I drive out of the parking lot, and knew what streets I drove on. Why would he tell me this? Fricken’ psychopath he was! I ran out of there terrified. The next day I wanted to cancel my membership due to this fact, and the owner told me that this guy has done this numerous times, but didn’t know about the camera incident—about twenty other women in that club filed for harassment, I just told him I wanted OUT! The weirdo got fired and I joined another gym down the road.
Some people are against cameras being placed on the streets and in department stores. I can understand their fear of invasion of privacy, however I do believe (even after that incident) that we are safer with cameras on our streets, banks, stores and other public places. I am very much against having cameras placed in dressing rooms. It’s practically rape in my eyes. Think about this though—how can you stop some pervert or peeping tom from spying on you with his little camera? Landlords do it too! Even in public restrooms, always look at the vents. They usually place the cameras in some small vent or crack in the wall. I do a ~once over~ when I first walk into any bathroom stall or dressing room.

Mama always told me never walk outside the house with dirty underwear!