The "Abundant" Universe

Have you ever felt like all your efforts were unseen and just invisible to everyone but yourself? Ever try to make people in your life happy but it just feels like you're hitting a brick wall over and over again? Then you start asking yourself, "Am I even happy?" A friend of mine wrote a really great post called, "Play Nice" which really spoke volumes on the laws of attraction. She writes, "The law of cause and effect where every action produces an equal and opposite reaction essentially states that there are consequences to our actions. We are the crafters of our own destiny and happiness and what we put out creates a kind of energy that will travel through the Universe and in a different form will come back to us." It sounds like this "law" should be foolproof, working on all levels of everything that's positive. My question is, are these theories and "laws" similar to ones in the Bible - "to control the masses" - so that we are all positive and 'do good' type of people?  The laws of attraction tells us that whatever you put into the universe, you should get back. And while that seems like a lovely idea, it also reeks of bullshit. (The law itself, not my writer friend!) Maybe I expect too much. Maybe in my eyes, I feel like I'm doing more than my share while others feel like I'm doing nothing at all to improve situations. Have you ever sat there thinking, wow, I have done all I could possibly do to improve 'this' and 'that', and nothing good ever came of it? I do believe that when you expect too much (or at all) you'll always be disappointed in life. But why can't we expect? Why can't we hope for something good to come out of the things we do in good faith?

There's a huge difference in being grateful and knowing what you're worth. Maybe you're not fulfilled at your job or getting paid enough. (No one's getting paid enough, right?)  Maybe you feel you should be treated better, respected more or just living a better life in general. The fact remains there is always something we're going to gripe about - always something 'lacking' in some small way. Another writer friend of mine asked me how were my book sales going the other day. To tell you the truth, I published my book to get my message out to the world --- not for the money. This blog has been going strong for over 8 years now, most of those years being voluntary posts and articles to share my life and possibly help others. I will admit, sometimes I wish I was at a different point in my writing career, but the fact remains that I am still "here" - I'm still writing and sharing my life. At one time, I thought I'd be at a much different place today, but I am grateful that I still maintain this blog and now get paid by people who mirror my content onto their own websites. It works for me, but I still have this strong feeling that there's gotta be something much larger out there for me. Is it wishful thinking? Probably so. But overall, out of all the things I have given 'in secret', like charities, volunteering my time and work to others who needed help and trying to promote others for more exposure - whatever the 'need' was - I sometimes wish the universe would boomerang those blessings back to me, maybe just a tiny percentage. I truly don't ask for much, I don't need much, I just want what I'm worth before I totally lose hope. How about you? Did the universe recognize your good deeds? Did it send all those blessings back into your life? Do you believe the laws of attraction or do you think it's mostly all hogwash?

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