The Mayan Prophecy

December 21rst was supposed to be the end of the world. I woke up to find all my patio furniture slapping into my sliding glass door because of the high winds and rain. ...Can it be? To save face, many said it would be a "new beginning" - which sounds much better. It kind of reminds me of a bizarre New Year's Day where you look back upon all your regrets or things you would have done differently to start a new leaf and do them the 'right way'. Some believe we're supposed to become more evolved and headed into a new spiritual realm of consciousness. Deep. Others simply think it's plain ol' bullshit. Our calendars on the wall ends at December 31rst, however it doesn't mean the world will. And maybe, those who won't admit that they were actually a bit frightened of this date may have a change in character - change of heart - a change in attitude. I find this day to be a positive one: new beginnings, new hope, a new sense of freedom and appreciation for life. Don't ask 'why didn't this work out' or 'why didn't that work out' --- it's supposed to be 'as is'. People find themselves disappointed after having super high expectations of whatever - relationships, work-wise, life in general and then ask, "Where did I go wrong?" But, did you go 'wrong' or did you go on a path that was unforeseen? I totally believe (and have experienced) you can make all the plans you want in the world, but God can steer them in a totally different direction. It's the bigger picture that's been forgotten about. Fate? Destiny? Whatever you call it --- it's real. How can it not be? So even though it may look like the apocalypse out there, try a different perspective. Everything that has crumbled beneath your feet can only be built back up better and stronger.

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