"My Forever Home" by Lola

This is my story...
I didn't know what to expect. I was abandoned by my parents in a huge field in the backyard of someone's house in Puerto Rico and then taken away by a couple of nice strangers in a huge van. My parents had stopped feeding me and just left me there for dead. We boarded a plane that took us over to New York. Once we got there, they placed me in a holding cell. Did I do something wrong? Why was I in jail? I wasn't the only ones in this cell. A few more were in there just like me - confused and wondering where and when our next trip would be. Would we be in here forever? Sometimes, we'd see people walking into the prison, taking out a prisoner or two. One of our very own cellmates got taken away by the head of the prison. We never saw him again. Feeding time was always rough for me. I had to always fight for my food. Others would grab the food right off of my plate. I had to hide while eating or I would starve to death. Where are my parents? ...I wish I was home. During the day I would sit inside the cell because there was no air conditioning and the sun outside was way too hot. I was losing hope. Would I be here forever? Maybe someone could take me home? I sunk into a deep depression.

The day I was adopted.
The next morning I woke up. It was the same drill: feeding time (fighting time), my daily walk with one of the prison guards and a few nice people greeting me, strangely petting my head. It felt good though. I liked it. They eventually left though. I was brought back to my cell to wait for one of our cellmates to get lucky and leave with one of the people who came to visit us. Then I saw two girls walk into the prison. One of them said, "That's her! That's her!" I looked around and behind me - "Who's her?" I thought.  She was pointing to me. I was scared, I don't know what I had done. The prison guard looked at me and said to the lady, "You want me to take her out?" I immediately jumped onto the bars and barked. "Yes! Yes! Take me out! I'll be good! Take me home!" But all that came out was, "Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!" I couldn't stop wagging my tail as the guard picked me up and handed me to the lady with the long hair. She rubbed my back and said hello to me. "You wanna come home with me?" she asked. "Yes! Yes!" But reply came in the form of wet and sloppy licks. She told me she had a big yard to play in and a nice home where I can go to sleep and eat my food in peace, without the other bullies grabbing my grub. This sounded perfect!

"Don't let my size fool you, I'm one tough bitch."
After Mom adopted me, we came home and wow, what a palace! I ran into every room making my mark and then, to my surprise, I saw the biggest food bowl ever! We went outside and I ran around everywhere, played with my new toys and even had kids to jump on! What a great day! I hope she doesn't bring me back though. Inside was cooled off and I always had water. Eventually, I started to get treats if I left my mark outside. Never again would I make my mark inside the house. My new mommies put a big fluffy bed in every room for me. Now six months later, I know for sure that this place is my home. I have my own doggy door and huge deck so I can guard the house and protect my mommies. Don't let my size fool you, I'm one tough bitch. I love this place so much, but I hope my cellmates are okay. Mom wasn't able to adopt more than one pup, but maybe someone...maybe even you....can go and get a few of my cellmates and bring them home? But one thing, it has to be a forever home. We can't go back --we'll die. We'll die from a broken heart. I was abandoned once, and if I get abandoned again, I don't know if I'll make it. So please, know for sure you can take care of my cellmates, give them a warm bed, plenty of food and water and lots and lots of love. We love to run and exercise and play --a lot. We're not house cats, we need people to be there for a good bulk of the time. All we have is you. We'll be the best friend you can ever have. Go visit my friends at PetsAlive.com and tell them Lola sent you.

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