It's a Girl!

Say hello to Lola Felicidad Pasquella, an 8 week old Chihuahua mix from Puerto Rico. She was found in a field abandoned with her brother who was also adopted. I picked her up at a nearby rescue shelter and right away, I knew she was the perfect little addition to our family. I'm welcoming her on my blog because you'll see a lot of her in my posts since she has brought so much happiness to not only my wife and I, but to my entire family who she loves so much. She's great with my sisters' kids and all she wants is to be near you, even if she's leaning up against you chewing on her rawhide drooling all over the place. Most of you know how OCD I am about 'cleanliness' and 'germs'...  Since she's been here - not. one. concern. And the thing that baffles me is, my allergist told me I was highly allergic to dogs. After a few days of sniffling and itchy skin - all my allergy problems have disappeared - in fact - I don't have wheezing or inner ear problems like I used to. Lola on the other hand has an inner ear problem and snores at night. I'm wondering if she took my ailments away... But I know for sure it definitely brings a smile to Mom whenever she sees her.

I've become that annoying dog mommy on Facebook & Twitter as well. Every single thing she does is "cute" to me. She's already potty trained and doesn't spoil her sleeping quarters. Bath time was a bit of a challenge but she's getting used to her environment and is a very happy and saved puppy. At night, we always fall asleep together on the couch before I have to tuck her into her huge mansion of a crate. When she is completely potty trained (100%) then she can stay in the bedroom with us. I plan to spend the next 15+ years with her. I just wish animals lived longer than humans... When Dad & Mom met her, they absolutely adored her. In fact, it was my mother who named her, Lola. Dad's face lights up whenever he sees "that little rat" I bring over. "Das' not a real dawg - it's a rat!"  Then he starts smiling and pets her head as she tries to give him puppy kisses. It's cute. I didn't realize how healing animals are in general. I've forgotten about my anxiety and my depression has lessened a great deal. No wonder they provide those 'therapy dogs' in hospitals. Now I get it.  Any 'new mommy' tips are welcomed if you have any advice about training or how to bathe them without them freaking out.

And now, time to walk Lola... Here are some more photos...

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