Friday, May 25, 2012

Political Cesspool

It's not that I'm not aware, it's only because life is too short to be worrying about "wealthy" people or those who don't do enough for society. I read about it, watch it on the news, see it on Facebook threads and think, why are we all so caught up in what other people are doing? But there are people who point out a very logic and valid point: it affects us in some way. But my question is: can we control it? There is absolutely nothing we can do. Look at Occupy Wall Street - they have camped out, protested, made scenes and even sadly, have closed down mom and pop stores do to the chaos. Not only have they tried to make their point, they closed down small businesses to which they were for. It backfired. This is how I see it... We live in a society full of greedy people and those who hate the greedy people. But, there are so many people complaining about "wealthy" people - those who have earned it. This country was built on enterprise and if we take that away, we'll be inching closer to socialism, and perhaps communism. I had a semi religions and political debate with a friend where he was claiming all wealthy people were evil. When I took my stance upon it, he said, "Well then, you must be rich."  Far from it. And that's when I actually can say something - because I'm not rich - I disagree with everyone counting everybody else's money. Get your nose out of other people's business and live your lives the best you can because in the end ---does it really matter?  And after all the pointless protesting, where has it gotten you? And no, I don't agree with greedy politicians spending tax payer's dollars on luxury boats, fancy cars and 5 star hotels, but I also believe that all secrets are eventually revealed. You can't hide out like that for very long.

Have you ever noticed those political chatters on Facebook posting one blabber after another who really don't contribute anything other than spewing their hatred for the 'greedy republicans'? I get their point and many of it, I agree with, but if you're that passionate about it - go out and do something about it (if one can). Most folks on Facebook like to yank other people's political chains around for attention, but when someone is that passionate about a certain political matter - start a group - let people join in and 'try' to do something. But in my opinion, it's totally out of our hands unless someone in office can actually stand on their own two feet and make decisions on their own, even if against their will, like Barack Obama.  He quoted this back in 2008, “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian — for me — for me as a Christian, it is also a sacred union. God’s in the mix.” - April 17, 2008, while running for president, defining marriage at the Saddleback Presidential Forum. Did he have a change of heart, or did he simply start to understand more about what love between two people really is? Or was he persuaded? Was it for the upcoming election? So while there is still a glimmer of hope for some things in politics, My money is on political driven agendas. I don't believe that "we" as a country, as civilians, matter all that much. I also honestly believe that our votes don't mean shit. It's the electoral votes that matter. So where do "we" stand? We stand on the sidelines watching "them" run our lives. All we can do is enjoy 'now' and what we have, for whatever time God lets us have it. Or is that "too religious" for you?

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the walking man said...

Deb--Occupy actually did do something constructive other than foul a few parks and prove to us how militarized our police forces have become. they have opened a dialog over many issues from the income inequality caused by the upward transfer of wealth and they pointed out, as have many economists that too big to fail means too big needs to be broken into smaller more manageable parts.

They added to the national dialog the issues of monetary policy and regulations into "everymans' vocabulary and continue to point to the massive fraud perpetrated on the American people with sub-prime and other predatory lending practices. they also helped us understand what derivatives and CDO's are and why Alan Greenspan was wrong when he said that "We can trust the investment banks once the Glass-Steagall act is repealed because it is in their best interest to keep the playing field level and they are basically honest. Not to mention the continuing debate over whether banks need to act as middle men parsing out government money while collecting a fee for student loans as well as pushing back against foreclosures (in some places) by re-occupying the homes that were foreclosed on then abandoned by the banks.

Who by the way at least in Detroit do not pay the property taxes on the homes they can not sell (has to be cash if under 20K) and after 3 years they dump the now unlivable homes off to the county or the state or fannie mae.

the walking man said...

So to say that Occupy served no purpose I think is an error.

You know me well deb--I speak to wealth all of the time. But I do not deride it unless it was gotten through trickery and pure market manipulation.

There is a difference between a friend of mine who is worth 150million who started with one grocery store and worked his ass off who now owns 25 and employs three thousand people at above minimum wage with benefits and them who made their wealth through either market manipulation.

(Goldman-Sachs going short on CDO's while promoting them as AAA investments to smaller investors who they told to take the long position knowing they were "garbage investments" from the start)or running the price of a stock up until its way overvalued (think FB IPO) then cashing out when the first profits are there leaving the smaller investor to watch his promoted buy in crash.

Or my favorite way I see the upward transfer of wealth is the hedge funds which only extremely wealthy investors can buy into run the price of a commodity up (oil, wheat, sugar, coffee, pork bellies) when they have no stake in those markets other than to run the price up and then sell because they created a demand where none would exist.

There is a world of difference between Market based 9supply and demand) capitalism and speculative capitalism. One actually has the potential to create jobs and the other to create only wealth for them who control the market.

That is why there is need to re-instate Glass-Steagall (separates investment banks from consumer banks (savings and loans for the public)and to actually fund the SEC at proper levels while at the same time fully instituting the consumer protection board while rewriting the Dodd-Frank bill to actually have some teeth.

You know in my mind the use of the word communism and socialism is a canard used by them with something to hide as a distraction from the lack of transparency in what they are doing.

Obama and the LGBT community I really don't care what motivated his finally coming out as long as he is on the record and pinned down in favor of civil rights. the same as Romney is now pinned down as against civil rights for all.

Obama had been working for three years to remove don't ask don't tell, he stopped the justice department from defending the Defense of Marriage Act, and is still working to codify a path to citizenship for kids brought here illegally.

I have always supported civil rights for all without any prejudice, not civil unions but full and equal treatment under the law regardless of race, creed, orientation or gender, if you think I haven't spoken out many err.

As for the financial part of it yes there is plenty each one of us can do.

the walking man said...

One of the easiest things to do is stop spending your money as much as you can and save it. And especially stop spending your money with corporations that then turn around and use it to lobby for laws that are against your best interests. Like all of the companies that were supporting ALEC and the US Chamber of Commerce which buys and sells politicians and then gives them pre-written laws to introduce both at the state and Federal level.

Take whatever money you can out of Wall Street it may go up today but it will absolutely go down tomorrow and making up losses in the market is a hell of a lot harder than making a temporary profit.

It may not seem like much but call write and generally make yourself a pain in the ass to your representatives if you feel they are on the wrong side of an issue.

Do not donate a dime to any politician, let the corporations pay for the campaigns but beware to not be swayed by the bullshit advertising their special interest money buys. It is Madison Avenue written and persuasive...I now you're not the type who lets someone else think for you but there are plenty who are.

And finally as pointless at it seems VOTE. Yes the electoral college is not bound by the majority vote of their state but they risk becoming public outcast and never having a nice fat political career if they go against the wishes of the majority vote.

I know we stand on different sides of a lot of issues but we are both Americans and i for one am not ready to cede my nation to The Ted Nugents and Dick Cheneys of the world just yet.

Deb said...

If anyone can make me think differently, it would certainly be you. You make a lot of valid points regarding OWS and their attempts to change things for the better, however, as in my view and how I see it, -- people are doing more harm than good. These people who represent the 99% are defecating in our streets, taking away law enforcement to help save our city from terrorism, breaking down mom & pop stores which are also part of the 99% and giving the people who are genuinely trying to make a peaceful protest a bad name. I guess you're always going to have the good eggs with the bad ones.

You said, "One of the easiest things to do is stop spending your money as much as you can and save it. And especially stop spending your money with corporations that then turn around and use it to lobby for laws that are against your best interests."

These 99%-ers are using their iPhones, Droids and other expensive smart phones to take footage after footage of proving "police violence" without showing the entire story. They come to these areas with their expensive camping gear, clothing, high tech gadgets bought from the companies that they are protesting against and they want to be taken seriously? They are just as hypocritical as the people they are crying about. (And again, I know there are genuine others who I cannot argue against.)

My post was basically about the bullshit of politics and people who are just plain ol' hypocrites. Yes, Obama did some good in the 'don't ask don't tell', but what about his statement made in 2008? --- I am totally thrilled he finally came to this conclusion, but it's all political bullshit. Political gain. Political agendas. Political cesspool.

Thank you for taking the time to tell me your thoughts because not only have I learned from what you've said, I also agree with a lot of it. I just don't trust any political figure and sadly, some of the 99%-ers..... It's hard to simply just be on one side totally. I hope that makes sense.

Thanks, Mark!

the walking man said...

Absolutely makes sense Deb...Like you though I can only control my own actions. My phone takes and makes calls nothing more. I buy only what I need and the first place I look for it is the used market because the money stays in the local economy.

When Occupy Detroit was setting up their first meeting I expressed many of the same concerns about taking cops out of the 'hoods especially mine which is actually the most unsafe zip code in America. You didn't read about any mess here because they got a permit, then an extension and when it ran out they moved to a donated building and set up an organizing HQ. The whole occupy thing here was much different than anywhere else because most of the children who came into the city to protest actually grew up thinking that they would get murdered if they came to Detroit. Ergo they pretty much behaved themselves and spent most of their food on feeding the homeless.

All in all it was not a bad thing, i am not a joiner but in principle i do agree with the Occupy starting dialog.