Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama Says "Yes" to Gay Marriage?

With only four words, I can finish this post by saying: all politicians are liars. --To add one more word to it: ALL. Before I get all excited, jumping up and down waving my big, loud rainbow flag into everybody's face, I also want to point out the obvious. How did Obama get elected in the first place? All minorities and those living in not so kept neighborhoods finally got off their couches, or punched out of their factory jobs to vote for someone who can actually relate to them. Let's face it - Obama's one of us. He's real. He's compassionate and seemingly, ~seemingly~ has a big heart. We didn't know how much ass he would kick during his term, but I'm sure he surprised many republicans, whether they want to admit it or not. And for the record, I didn't vote for Obama. I voted for McCain, however I was biting my lower lip watching Sarah Palin give Tina Fey loads of material for SNL. To be blunt here, that was desperation on McCain's part --- since Obama was running, (a black democratic male who had minorities + the LGBT community backing him up), and with Hillary Clinton hanging in there for a short while, McCain needed that extra boost: a woman as his vice president.  That is the only thing that made me question McCain's sanity. But back to why Obama got elected ---he appealed to most middle class Americans. And you know something, "middle class" is now considered making a six figure income, so even much lower income families we're speaking of. (That whole middle class definition still gets me.) 

As much as Romney wants to gloat over the "so called fact" that Obama just ruined himself, the reality is --- he now has covered all his bases, because most of America either knows someone who is gay, has a friend who's gay, has a relative or immediate family who is gay and most of all, who IS gay. He is paving a smooth road, not to make the flamboyant Americans jump for joy, but to WIN this election, because that's what it's all about. And just because the president now sides with us, it doesn't mean that every single state is now going to bow down and let gays and lesbians marry - it simply means, "we have an accepting president now". Part of me thinks it's great and the other part smells a rat. A big fat lying political rat that's winning this 'race'. There's still a long road ahead for the LGBT community to still fight for their rights to marry, and that's okay because we've come so far. It wasn't even over 50 years ago when interracial couples were allowed to get married, and hey, that was also considered "a sin" -- yet that's now history, isn't it?  To what people interpret sin is and instill their religious beliefs upon political matters is basically taking the "freedom of religion" and throwing it out the window. That's what it boils down to. This is no longer a "Christian country" --- this is a melting pot full of different races and different religions and/or the lack thereof. If this is America, and we have those rights, then why is passing a law for gays and lesbians to get married such a burden on the right winged pubbies? Now you'll be hearing that "Obama's the devil", as it says in the Bible that we will have the 'evil one' become a leader. 

I just want to sidetrack for a moment and talk about "religion" itself. No religion is perfect and and most have different belief systems within one. With Christianity, there are so many different interpretations, misunderstandings and of course, the 'mold your mind' takes on scriptures which many of the times, Christians scare away people from coming to God. (That's the worst sin of all.)  For example, quite a few fellow Christians have told me that if I plan to keep being in my relationship (now marriage) with my wife, then I should stop calling myself a Christian because I'm "mocking God". They throw scriptures out from the Old Testament (Leviticus) and then try to incorporate the New Testament scriptures that speak mainly about the promiscuity of all men and women - not just for gays and lesbians. They can twist and turn these verses well enough to make anybody turn against God, or turn away from their own self and deny their own happiness; their true orientation of being gay or lesbian. So either way, it's a brainwashing type of mindset some of these "Christians" have. Do we really want that type of person in office?  Or do we want a "real" Christian in office that simulates what God has told us for years and years: we have a choice. That's what God gave us -- choice. Christian teaching also tells us that we should not judge one another, but love one another and love God with all your heart, which is the biggest commandment of all. So why should a "religion" or a belief in something that cannot be proved scientifically be apart of politics? Keep in mind, that my entire life, my entire being is all for Jesus. My faith in God is so strong that it does not matter what religion or spiritual practices my president is. All Republicans (and I'm not even going to say 'some'), will use religion to persuade weak-minded people. Just something to think about. 

But I digress. This doesn't make Obama any better though. By him now accepting gays and lesbians marrying -- this just reeks of political gain. For me, it's all about pulling the race and orientation 'card' -- and for the Republicans, it's the 'religion card'. So in this case, is there really such a thing as in the lesser of the evils, or is it a matter of which liar we're going to vote for?  We are never....ever....going to get a truthful candidate in office. If you solely rely on politicians to make your life "easier" - or perhaps, "happier", then you're going through life under a facade that can really baffle you later down the road. Nobody can take away your right to love. Nobody can take away your faith in God. Nobody can make you see a better future but YOU. I had recently said to someone that I hate voting for the "lesser of the evils" and if it comes down to that, I won't be voting at all come election day.

An interesting tweet I found today:

"Hey Media: I'm all for gay marriage too but don't you guys realize it took Obama nearly 4 years to openly support it?" 

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The Elephant's Child said...

'It doesn't matter who you vote for you are going to get a politician'. Sadly that is true. Liars and twisters the world over.
That said, recognition that same sex relationships exist and have validity is a tiny step in the right direction. Our prime minister cannot bring herself to say it.

the walking man said...

Sitting out the election is not an option least not one you won't question when you at the least didn't take a stand, no matter what side you vote for.

I am willing to agree that there was political calculation in Obama coming out---he as much as said so yesterday when he said "I had already made my mind up that I was going to make a statement before the convention." Then why did it take Biden giving an honest answer to a pointed question to force him to make that statement now instead of last year, month or week when he finished evolving?

I am glad he came down on the side of civil rights, it is the right position but like you said. ALL of them are calculating dogs that are more concerned with the seat than the service.

But it is one more small step for mankind in America in the right direction even if it is a political calculation.

Deb said...

TEC, you're absolutely right. There is no honest politician out there so I guess voting for the lesser evil may apply when I vote. I hate to do that though....... It's strange when you're in politics how tight lipped you have to be in order to keep your seat warm.

Mark, There are people who are saying Obama was always for same sex marriage - but if he did not 'voice' it, and let each individual state make up their own minds about it - then what good is it? Of course, I'm glad he did come out, ....even if 4 years later, but something doesn't sit right with me. In all honesty, I'd rather a forthcoming (if there is such a thing) Republican in office than one who is just after the top seat in office. Power of attorney papers and wills hold up just as good as a marriage license. Strange how you can really cover all bases without the worry of not having rights to your partner of the same sex. But, I do understand the 'demand' of equality - it's only fair. This is why I voted for McCain years ago --- I wanted someone who was more focused on things that were important to me for the country, (of course opinionated reasons) because in my life, I have covered those critical bases, just as any gay or lesbian couple can do.
It's' a fine line...

Susan B said...

Methinks that President Obama is not comfortable with same-sex marriage, but he is willing to bite the political bullet in order to win the election. Maybe Joe Bided outed him when he said that Will and Grace was the most influencial show for straight America on gays. Maybe Obama had an all night marathon of watching Will and Grace reruns, and by season 4, the "aha!" lightbulb went on.

I could go on. I'm glad Obama did it, but it smacks of political insincerity, so I also wish he hadn't done it because I don't need to dislike this guy any more than I do already. As you know I supported Obama--afterwards, I remembered our talks and realized that a lot of your insights were correct. I am still glad McCain lost because we would have been stuck with Palin, but it is a shame that McCain had to go through such humiliation.


Dot said...

"I believe marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian, it’s also a sacred union." Barack Obama, 2008.

Of course it's to keep his seat for office. It was a good move in the right direction but definitely not sincere. I agree!

Susan B said...


This will be a tough election for us voters to show up at the door and pick eenny meeny miney moh.

A Plain Observer said...

Just the fact that anyone in full capacity of their abilities would choose freely and willingly Sarah Palin for their 2 people team, a woman who can't tie her shoes without making mistakes, make me want to run away from politics.

That said, I agree with you, I believe all politicians are liars. They have to be, we like to be told lies, we like to believe in fairy tales. If someone tells us "it is going to suck for a long time people, this jerk we had as president for 8 years f**d up everything he touched and now it's going to take us another 8 years to come back from this mess", we won't vote.

Xmichra said...

I am not a fan of your president, but was really entertained in the idea that the states may vote in palin. that would have been a hoot (as an outsider).

I do think it's crazy to think you'll ever get an honest politician though (hell, an honest person is too hard to find). And personally, agenda or not, I think this is a great step in the future of your country.

I would say that all the quotes from his prior statements make me think that what he said actually is genuine. It sounds to me like he was asked to make a statement on quite a number of things, and in this instance he simply changed his mind given reflection and his own personal feeling on what has transpired in his life. Having children certainly changes your outlook on things, and seeing love in other families is something you can't manufacture. So in this, I think he is honest.

Doesn't mean the whole bredth of the journey was honest... but the destination sometimes is the wanning factor.

Bryce Thomason said...

One of the "gay agenda recent victories was established when homosexual autoworkers were successful in coercing the UAW management to quietly slip their gay and lesbian partners into the autoworkers benefit package...These same-sex gay and lesbian people had nothing to do with the auto industry and didn't work for the companies or earn these benefits.