No GAS? Git' Yer' Guns Ready Ya Crazy New Yawkas!

No gas in sight.
I honestly don't think people realize the severity of the aftermath that Sandy left us with. (Of course the ones who never lost electricity or those who lost it for a mere two days or so, with no damage to their homes or lives lost.) I'm actually fascinated with Facebook right now, reading and scrolling what people are saying or complaining about, and those who are asking for shelter or a place to stay and those even offering. So it's a mixed bag. There are quite a few things that concern me: #1. People who have absolutely no understanding of the word "disaster" or "tragedy" and want their internet back on NOW. #2. People who cannot grasp the concept that gas is in demand, for gas stations themselves as well as for individuals filling their generators. People are killing one another over gas. New Yorkers, people in Florida have been through worse - power out for days, weeks, even months and you're sitting here complaining about unexpected inconveniences? You would never see this type of hysteria over this type of storm in Florida --- ever. They pull together. I thought New York was tougher than that, or at least in my area but they're a bunch of whining babies who have been spoiled all their lives. There are people disguising themselves as FEMA or insurance assessors and knock on people's doors to rob them. One local man was shot and killed at the gas station. Are you kidding me? I can't even imagine this area being under a truly devastating tragedy, like one of the nuclear plants blowing or some sort of terrorist attack.

THANK YOU for all your hard work!
Are New Yorkers truly survivors? I guess so if it means 'each man for himself' - but there are some good stories out there as well. People are offering their homes to people without power or water -- to people they hardly know. GOD BLESS you for doing that. There are people donating clothes or volunteering their time to help in this crisis. The utility companies are working such long hours just to get us back up and running. And of course, the fire, EMT and rescue crews are on mandatory call at all times. They can't even leave their jurisdiction. Thank you. Thank you for helping us and not panicking. Thank you for giving 110% of your hard work, time and effort. I'm ashamed of what I'm seeing around me - people robbing one another, fighting, killing each other over something that is so very temporary. Is it worth it? I will say this though: I will not hesitate to shoot and kill the person who is trying to break into my home and possibly hurt us, just because they need some gas, food or water. I have my gun handy at all times and I have an excellent shot. If my gun is pointed at you, trust me, it's not to scare you off. I can hear a car pull into our long driveway the second it hits the dirt road. I'm glued to the video cameras lately. I don't trust anybody. I would do anything to protect my family. Don't even test it.

Hey you kids! Git' off mah' lawn!
So if this is how bad a minor downgraded hurricane comes down to for New York, I say you all better prepare yourselves if you live here. Prepare yourselves good. Because I'm sure that when the next bigger catastrophic event comes along, you're going to need protection and to be very prepared. I never thought I'd sound like a shit-kickin' hillbilly, but hee haw, I'm ready to take you down or take you in if you need shelter. Pick what you want. Yep, Deb done lost her mind. Enjoy your weekend, folks. I'll be on the porch playing mah' banjo & shinin' up mah' shotgun.

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