A Special Non-Facebook Birthday Wish

There are so many things that are taken for granted. For instance, a phone call from a friend, a handwritten letter instead of a text, and of course, a birthday wish made in person and/or a greeting card sent. Those little things that were done more often in the past have become forgotten about - lost in the shuffle of Facebook reminders that your Aunt Lily's birthday is coming up. It's no longer engraved in our minds like it was before. Technology reminds us. Technology also keeps a memory of someone's phone number. Remember when we used to know everyone's number off the top of our heads? I do... It was comforting to know I didn't have to flip through all the letters of that person's name to get their digits. I'm not saying it's bad now, but how sincere is a birthday wish made when it's on a Facebook wall? You know everyone's been alerted, so does it make it special? I've seen many of my friends' birthdays pop up in my reminders and of course, wished them a very special day, but sometimes it's nicer when someone just remembers. For the past week, I have brought up to Mad that our friend Tamar's birthday was coming up on the 30th. So Happy Birthday, Tamar. I'm boycotting the Facebook "happy birthday wishes" because even before Facebook was even invented, I have always remembered your special day, even decorated your office cubical in the most ornate ribbons and balloons. I still can't remember your phone number, but your birthday will never be forgotten. We love you!

Here's a funny post Tamar had written as my guest blogger for my 200th post. It's about the days when we used to work together at a busy call center for a telephone & internet company. Hope you enjoy it. Click here to read.

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