Gina Hoppis Stated That All Americans Think Gays & Lesbians Are Disgusting

This entire argument started over this post of Obama. 
Yesterday afternoon, while being trapped inside the house going stir crazy because of the Sandy aftermath, I found myself scrolling through Facebook and came across a post a friend had commented on. It was a photo of Obama that said, "WANTED: FOR MURDER!" I had to read why my friend was commenting on this. As I scrolled down to the comment section, I saw the poster, Jan Watts (who bragged over working for the largest radio enterprise in all of USA, a radio announcer, lifestyle editor and even had her own local TV show but who only has 200 Facebook fans) say, "DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS MAN!!" Then I saw my friend agreeing with a gentleman who had said, "I am not a Democrat, but posting such messages like this is disgusting. Any President would have had a terrible time in this economy. And, by the way-the economy has added a ton of jobs in the last three months. It will take time for our country to dig itself out of this hole. Did I mention I am not a Democrat?" As the post began to make it's way toward war, I decided to put in a snarky remark to make my friend laugh, "I'm certainly not voting for him! I prefer being a housebound Stepford wife with no equality to men in the workforce. I'd rather be barefoot and pregnant, cooking for my husband and home schooled children. And for shame!!!--That Obama is letting the gays get married! Don't they know they're all gonna burn in hell?" And of course with that, brought in comments that I was bringing up the 'gay agenda' and that's all that leftists care about.  Personally, I don't care about political posts. I mock them because the reality is -- no one is ever going to agree with you on politics or religion, so you might as well tuck in your political rants and call it a day, because at the end of the day, the choices are already made up in the minds of many. Getting angry and combative over who to vote for is absolutely senseless.

Homophobia starts at home. 
As I kept entertaining this thread, a woman named Gina Hoppis came along and made it clear to me that parents like her are to blame for kids bullying other children in school for being gay. Her comment (copied and pasted) said this, "Debra Pasquella you are very sarcastic and keep throwing out there that you are a bull dyke....who cares if you like to dive in the bush...fact is most american find it disgusting....but live in your little fairy land and be happy...but you are totally insane if you really think that attack was from a boi obama watch as those americans were killed...and did nothing but lie...;..and he didnt get osama bin laden...seal team 6 did.....I believe he watch on his bigscreen while somebody else did that for as you say go on back to your scrubbing the floors where you belong and stay off the porch with the big guys...." It wasn't enough to just debate or disagree with my lifestyle, which is absolutely fine, but why do extreme right winged Christians always think about sex when it comes to gays and lesbians? It's the very first thing that rambles out of their mouths: sex. They never think about loving relationships, as they would with a straight couple. She must think about it a lot. She referenced me as a "bull dyke"...? Does she even know what one looks like? Is that even a bad thing? She also stated that I like to "dive into bush". Wrong. I hate hair on any part of the body except for the head -- but that's neither here nor there. And it's news to me that Obama is a "gay boi" -- interesting she spelled boi the way a lesbian would if they want to be referred as a "butch". Terminology is right on. My gaydar is going off. But the most important issue I have with her is that people like her will teach their children how to hate. Her kids will also demonstrate that in school, possibly leaving the result with a teen suicide due to her kids' bullying. It starts at home. Kids learn what they are taught and if they are taught to hate...then guess what? In my opinion, she is a very close-minded bigot with so much hatred for gays and lesbians, that I truly believe that her homophobia is based upon her being a closet lesbian. It's psychology 101.  On top of that, her grammar is horrific, and you all know how much of a grammar nazi I am. I don't care if it's just a Facebook comment, but if you comment with a kindergarten level education, you're going to be seen as an idiot, whether or not your issues are valid. She said that Americans think homosexuality is disgusting, but I think teaching your children to hate people of different lifestyles is disgusting, especially with her white trash smut mouth and references to "diving into bush". She must be an unsanitary 'beast'. (Just a thought.)

People seem to forget...
Usually, I tend to ignore people who are so hateful, but I have to wonder about the well being of those around her, especially her kids. Why care?  Because others will be affected by her bigotry. Of course, others chimed into the Facebook thread throwing scriptures out at me from the bible, and you know how much ammunition I have stored up, so that didn't work well. Every scripture backfired on them. They just kept repeating themselves like a broken record. One lady named, Ruth de los Santos (who happens to be in an interracial marriage) came onto the thread to tackle the issues as well. I left the thread before I could even comment back, but I reminded her with a very important fact as I addressed a gentleman who was being attacked by her. "I wouldn't argue with someone like Ruth. Remember, 50 years ago (especially in her interracial marriage) she wasn't allowed to get married. Let's put things in perspective because Mitt will definitely throw her back into time and have her scrubbing floors barefoot and pregnant. And Ruth, you may Google those facts since you seem to be in the dark about what Mitt stands for. I hate Obama too, but Mitt is going to have you downgraded like an old beat up car at a rundown dealership. Good luck & God speed. Many lemons in the extreme right wing section. Bitter. That's all they are."

No response after that. None whatsoever.

The fact is, I don't care who you vote for or if you vote at all, but why tear down those who disagree with your choices in life, or your choice in the candidates alone? Vicious attacks due to political or religious debates are so unproductive and irrational. I've had many debates in the past, but when it comes down to name calling and especially making personal sexual references towards each other, it's time to reel it in and call a spade a spade. Ignorance is bliss and it's a shame they haven't got a clue.

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