A Little Thankin' & Giving

If there is one annoying thing that I've noticed about Thanksgiving, it's the fact that I see many people taking it for granted. I'm not talking about the holiday itself - I mean the entire concept of Thanksgiving - what we are thankful for and how grateful we are. It's become one big "annoyance" for many. Some people have to travel to two or more locations in order to do their 'holiday rounds,' while others dread the day because it's just too much work. And it is work...but work done with love. Whether you spend it with family and friends or even alone, it's a holiday where you can count your blessings. Also, you don't need to have a holiday in order to count your blessings, but it's just a nice reminder on a starred day on our calendars. It's a time to forgive and to throw away any bitterness or resentments toward anyone. No fighting. No quarrels. No family drama. (Although sometimes that inevitable.) It's a perfect time to express your gratitude to those who have helped you. It's also a day when you can take the opportunity to give of yourself, without any expectations of anything in return. This time of the year can be a very sad one, and a reminder of who we lost who unfortunately won't be sitting at the table with us. I am so grateful I got to sit with Dad many times at the table while he told his stories for the millionth time. What I wouldn't give to hear the same stories all over again. But... if he was still with us today, most likely it wouldn't be a happy event. It would be all too painful for him. He would still be suffering, and I don't want that. So, instead, I'm just so incredibly thankful that he made all of our holidays so bright and colorful. I'm just going to have to remember which knife it was that he used to carve the turkey with.

To all my family, friends and those who have come across this blog, Happy Thanksgiving! Tell the people in your life how much you appreciate and love them, because believe me, life is too short as I'm finding out the hard way.

Here are some funny little phone calls from Mom reminding me what to do and what not to do on Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy them. These videos were all taken over four years ago.

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