When All Efforts Are Exhausted

Have you ever felt so strongly about someone or something and put so much energy into trying to please or obtain them, that when you’ve finally exhausted all your efforts, there’s absolutely no passion behind it anymore? You become numb to it, as though you never cared about the person or thing. This can pertain to anything really: a person, a career goal, mending a friendship or relationship or just anything you’ve tried “too hard” for.

What makes us give up?

Depending on what it is, I would like to say that it wasn’t because it was too high for us to reach. Persistence and perseverance are important while trying to get your dream job or dream house of course, but say with a person, we have to drop all our hard work and chuck it up to ‘it’s just not meant to be’. I'm not implying to give up easily, but sometimes we just have to let things come to us instead.

My friend J.C. just posted up a quote from Enya on her Myspace bulletin this morning:

“Look to love and you may dream, and if it should leave then give it wings. But if a love is meant to be, hope is home and the heart is free.”