On a Much Lighter Note...

As a kid growing up, my sister Cathy and I would watch cartoons every Saturday morning with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles or any bowl of sugar we could get our hands on. The bulk of our entertainment was Looney Tunes. We sat there the entire time laughing – we couldn’t watch enough of it. SJ posted a video up on his blog that reminded me of a question that I've had for years: how the heck did we ever understand these cartoons?

For instance, take a look at this video or just scan through some of it. It was totally inappropriate for kids however we still watched it.

I remember Bugs Bunny saying, “What a maroon!” I laughed at this, not really understanding what it meant, but by the inflection of his voice, I knew it meant something bad – like “a stupid person” or possibly a bad version of “moron”.

For instance, some of his lines included these:

"Eh, watch me paste this pathetic palooka with a powerful paralyzing perfect pachydermous percussion pitch."
(I’m not sure what pachydermous even means, in fact it’s not even spelled correctly and my spell check told me to frig’ off when I typed it in.)

You can listen here.

"Gold! Gold! I'm rich, I'm fabulously wealthy. I'm independent beyond the realm of mere avarice!"

You can listen here.

"Putting that 8-ball in the side pocket is all very well, but it doesn't explain what I'm doing in this boobie hatchery."

You can listen here.

Were these cartoons intended more for adults, or did they know that there would be kids or 'little geniuses' watching this show? I have to say, till this day, I even get stumped with a lot of their fancy words they use. I admit, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but to think these dialogs were for kids to understand is beyond me.

I leave you with my favorite Bugs Bunny show. Not much of eloquent speech as much as interesting lyrics.