Is Your Heart Marked?

Do you have a mark on your heart? Each and every one of us has a story to tell. Some even have a few. Many keep it bottled up and suffer in silence. “Talk about it, get it out in the open.” A lot of us wonder, “to who though”? A therapist or a good friend are both great options, but for some people, it’s no option at all. Have you ever felt that if you let those bottled up emotions out to somebody, that it would devalue them in some way? Inside, those stories, those special past relationships or whatever it is that you keep inside so tightly are treasures. Memories and thoughts of past people, things and relationships are stored up in a safe place in your heart. Some still sting. Regardless, they’re invaluable. …Until you let it all out. It becomes everyone else’s story. “Oh, you’re not the only one.” I’m sure you’ve heard that one before. “Everybody goes through that from time to time.” But nobody goes through your story. Your story is unique. Your story is the one that’s invaluable.

A good friend of mine is a holistic healer and a Reiki master. While working on me one day, she put her hand in the middle of my chest near my heart gently. There was no pressure at all, however, I felt as though the air was being taken right out of me. She asked, “Does this hurt?” Even though it was a feather-like touch, I felt so much pain; so much that I even started crying a little. I didn’t know what was triggering these emotions. She explained to me that this was where our “hurt” is stored. She said that the word, “heartbroken” is factual. Our heart literally breaks when we’re hurt. My friend does this to each patient, and sadly enough, each patient responds the same: yes, it hurts.

Are we all walking around with broken hearts? I guess some hearts are bruised, scarred, and some are freshly broken trying to repair itself the best it can.

Do you remember your first heartbreak? I bet you can remember every single thing you were doing at the time and where you were, right? And, if you relive that moment for just a little while, I bet you can also still feel the pangs of how your heart felt. I don’t care if it was one year or 20 yrs ago; it’s still a mark on your heart.