Deceased Loved Ones' Promises

Sometimes I hesitate to write about this type of thing, however, I truly believe that there are mysteries on the “other side” that we just cannot comprehend, believe or fathom. As a Christian, I would like to believe and mostly believe that if we have faith in God, and we’re fairly good and willing to atone for our shortcomings, that we all go to heaven. But as a human, I do wonder about the gray areas. I’m sure you do too. It’s as easy as grasping a UFO in the Midwest somewhere. A lot of people have seen them, but are they really out there? Teenage lawn boys did all those crop circles and you can’t even rely on “real footage” that you see on T.V. or Youtube anymore. Usually, you later find out that it was a setup or camera trick to try to deceive you.

What about “your truth”---the things only you know about. For instance, my mother had a best friend named Helen. She lived next door to us. They always visited one another and spent a lot of time together talking over coffee, reminiscing about the past and just sharing a wonderful friendship. Helen planted a beautiful blue spruce fir tree in our backyard that grew to be over 50 feet tall. Before Helen passed away, she told my mother that she would give her a sign that she was ok on the other side by growing a white rose out of a log. My mother couldn’t understand how she was going to pull that off, but she smiled and was happy that she even wanted to give her a sign.

Later that year in December, Helen passed away. My mother was devastated that her friend was no longer with us. Soon enough in the spring, my mother was walking outside in the back of the garage to get something. She noticed that a small tree was knocked down from a storm. My mom walked over to it and noticed a white rose growing right out of the tree. How can a rose grow from wood? Impossible, right? It was Helen’s sign that she was ok.

My mother was given a promise from her father (my grandfather), that when he passed away, he would send her a pigeon. See, my mother moved an hour upstate- away from the city. There aren’t any pigeons where she lives. My grandfather was from Brooklyn, NY and took care of his pigeons that flew on his balcony on the top floor of his tenement that he owned. He cherished them. So, the significance of sending my mom a pigeon when he died was important. A few years after his death, my mom got her pigeon. He was practically living on the roof of the house. He used to hang out by the poolside and just waddle around as if he owned the place. She smiled and then called him Frederick, which was my grandfather’s name.

Has anyone ever promised you a sign when they pass over to the other side? And if you were given that promise, would you actually believe it was from them? What sign would you give somebody if and when you do venture on to the other side?