Friday, June 13, 2008

On the Other Side...

Have you ever daydreamed about the afterlife? Have you ever wondered what it would truly be like to meet somebody up in “heaven”, or to see someone that you’ve been at odds with or held some sort of resentment towards while you were here on earth? Think about it: up in heaven there is no resentment, anger, depression, feelings of shame, guilt or anguish. These things are all meaningless on the other side. Unforgiving hearts on the other side will realize that it was merely a product of the physical nature; the prison of the human heart trapped with negative feelings of hurt.

It doesn’t matter anymore.

It was on earth.

It was meaningless.

Life was just a trial.

The funny thing is, we don’t even look back on life and say, “We shoulduv’ coulduv’ woulduv’”, instead, we just look at our “offenders” or “enemies” in our previous lives on earth and then smile with gladness that it’s all over now. There’s no past pain and there’s no emotional trauma on anyone’s heart—only love. Our level of epiphany rises, reaching an intensity of relief that we’re back in touch with one another, and rid of all the chaotic emotions that were once stored up in our carnal shells back on earth.

Sounds too fairytale-ish? This is just my daydream of what it would be like if I were to cross the other side. I doubt that we’re going to look at somebody who has hurt us and say, “Are ya happy now? You made my life miserable!” Instead, we’re going to just smile and replay the events without any negative feelings. God sees the entire scope of everything---we just see a tiny thumbnail clip of the movie that we made here on earth.

The next time you feel pangs of resentment for anybody, think about how it would be if you two were walking toward one another on the other side, with the full knowledge that life was one big movie. All the “acting” we did was meaningless----yet enlightening.


X. Dell said...

You're a better dreamer than I. I can't seem to imagine Heaven as anything other than a bureaucracy. Guess I watch too many movies, huh?

Actually, I've often wondered if the conscious state we live in isn't actually the fantasy (a movie, if you will), and the whirr of iconic thinking our actual existence. I'd love to think that our resentments and other negative trips were a result of the competition for the daily needs of life, and don't apply outside of life. Maybe this is so.

Anonymous said...

“Have you ever daydreamed about the afterlife?”

Yep, I did it for more years than you dare to imagine.

“Have you ever wondered what it would truly be like to meet somebody up in “heaven”, or to see someone that you’ve been at odds with or held some sort of resentment towards while you were here on earth? Think about it: up in heaven there is no resentment, anger, depression, feelings of shame, guilt or anguish. These things are all meaningless on the other side. Unforgiving hearts on the other side will realize that it was merely a product of the physical nature; the prison of the human heart trapped with negative feelings of hurt.”

While there is absolutely no way of proving my point, I believe you are completely wrong.
Do you believe by any chance that upon disincarnating I could find hitler’s spirit floating somewhere up there and tell him something like: “Hi body, how is it going? I know you sent to gas chambers too many members of my family, I know you made soap out of their fat, I also know that you made statues of gold out of our teeth and I also know that you painted portraits using Jewish skin as a canvas… But you know what…? That was on Earth and it doesn’t matter, you are my friend now, no remorse of any kind between us”.
No Deborah, there is not a single drop of love in the spirits of hitler, Videla, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Stalin, Somoza, Stroessner, Amin Dada, Franco and the like. They were responsible for the death and torture of millions and millions of people. There is no change for them.

“As above, so below; as below, so above."

The above as been excerpted from “The Kybalion” a jewel of esoteric knowledge written by three unknown authors, whose complete content is still voided to my full understanding.
I have been struggling with the meaning of that sentence for too many years to remember as its meaning is considered one of the most important teachings of the “unknown”.
It came to me as a real shock the day a well advanced in these matters person told me that perhaps there are no second meanings or hidden agendas; maybe the simple phrase means exactly what it says.

The ideal world you are dreaming of is being called “the astral world”. It is the place where souls rest before reincarnation. In that world there is no need for food, for water or for shelter as it is inhabited by souls with no physical bodies to attend. Yet, as hard as you (or I) my find to believe, those souls are affected by the same plagues they were affected on Earth such as jealously, envy, rancor, hate, etc. Moreover, also spirits living in “the causal world” are affected by them. Remember: “As above, so below; as below, so above."

The “causal” world is even a higher plane of existence (or layer, I don’t know the right word in English for this but I believe you’ll get my point). That world is inhabited by those spirits who have achieved a level of spiritual evolution in which they no longer need to reincarnate. There are even higher planes… yet… always remember… “As above, so below; as below, so above."

I know you will say that it’s impossible for you to believe that souls that have achieved a “status” in which they no longer need to go through physical existence can not be subject of feeling hate, scorn, etc. For many years that was also my thought. But…

The lower planes of existence from Earth are unimaginable for us. Just try to think for a single moment what kind of worlds those can be. However, for those who dwell in them we are being seen like G’ds. Perhaps they fantasize about our own world in the same way we do about the astral and the causal worlds. Yet… the cruel reality shows us that while being more evolved than those who live “down” from us, in a way, we still are like them.

All that existed, exists or will exist, was, is or will be the same. Tilt the end of life… till the end of the universe… till the end of time itself…


Think about that Deborah… just do it.

~Deb said...

X. Dell: I sure hope we don’t carry all of our resentment and anger into the afterlife, because I’m trying damn hard to rid of them now. I truly believe that there are no negative feelings in heaven, or what one believes to be “heaven”. Thanks, Dell!

Anonymous: There is no right or wrong: there’s faith and different beliefs. That’s why I kept it somewhat general when I stated, “heaven”. I was explaining my daydream, not yours. It’s not wrong for me to think that there is a possibility to overcome negative feelings after this lifetime, and I assure you that the physical state – the existence that you know now is much different than the afterlife. Humans sin. Humans hurt one another, however, there is forgiveness which God has provided. With forgiveness comes God’s grace upon all of us, which is my belief. I do respect your belief that some people don’t make it up into heaven. I don’t know that. Truth? Nobody knows.

We base it upon “faith”. Think about it...

Enemy of the Republic said...

I do see where anonymous is coming from. I think on this matter constantly. I don't believe in this construct called heaven as literally deciphered in the Bible, but I do believe there is the Other Side and we all cross into it.

Jeff B said...

One of the things I find so interesting about these daydream sceneros is that they always seem to be a picture of heaven. I don't ever recall anyone asking "Have you ever thought about what your afterlife in hell will be like?"

Maybe because if you have a faith that points to God then going to hell is not a concern, but I wonder about those that cenounce the existance of God. Maybe they don't beleive in hell so to them it doesn't matter, I don't know.

~Deb said...

Enemy: “Heaven” can be anything anyone believes they wish to be after they die. I speak of it in a generalized form, because I know people have different faiths. In my faith as a Christian, I say “heaven”, in terms of the bible, but for others it can any afterlife existence they may believe.

Jeff: That’s too funny! I got a chuckle out of that. There are a lot of people that don’t believe there is a ‘hell’. A lot of people believe that hell is here on earth. (Sure feels like it, huh?)

Thanks guys!

kathi said...

I get asked alot by people what I think heaven is like. How would I know?? Someone from work asked me to read '90 Minutes In Heaven' to just get my take on it. I read it, but how could I know if it's accurate or not?
What I 'imagine' is endless fields of wildflowers with goregeous ponds and gentle and wild animals...don't know why, but that's how I want it to be because that's MY heaven. I believer there are mansions with streets of gold and praise sung constantly because that's what the Word shares, but behind those mansions and off the beaten path of those gold streets, there are endless fields of wild flowers with beautiful, peaceful ponds where gentle creatures will curl up at my feet.

jennifer said...

Deb, Heaven is so simple for me. As a believer, heaven is Jesus. That's it. Just being in His calming and peaceful presence and letting His grace wash over me unencumbered by the world. Some days, that is all I am hanging on for. And I despair at times of hearing well done, my good and faithful servant. But then I realize, it is all Him, and I will get to hear that because I KNOW it is all Him.

Whether you feel the same or not, thanks for giving me the opportunity to share! You really are SO well written.


~Deb said...

Kathi: What a beautiful imagery! Whatever we imagine it to be – it’s “ours’. I love your take on it!

Jen: I have to scoot right next to you and say, AMEN! I’m a believer too. It’s the only reason why I’ve overcome (and still struggling but conquering) my anxiety and depression. Just as you’ve stated in one of your blog posts, I pray to Him just as I would talk to anybody. My prayers aren’t eloquent or fancy. They’re conversations with Jesus. My heaven is wherever Jesus resides. To others, I know that people hold different beliefs and theories on “where we go” after we pass on, and that’s ok. For me, I have a lot of different fantasies of where and when, I just don’t know the exact details. I’ll leave that to God. For now, I’ll just stick to faith.

Thanks for commenting, Jen!

jennifer said...

Friends through Bloggings, Sisters through Christ. That be us!

One more Heavenly Daydream... I have always hoped that we remember family when we get there. Hard for me to picture being anywhere and not being with my kids. When I am THERE, it won't matter, I know. So I allow myself that Daydream for now. And one day, there will be that absolute focus on Jesus and I will know completion, outside of my earthly roles as wife and mother.

We are on the way out the door. I hope you feel well today.

Be blessed,


Brandi said...

"The next time you feel pangs of resentment for anybody, think about how it would be if you two were walking toward one another on the other side, with the full knowledge that life was one big movie. "

wow. amazing post. the above really hits me between the eyes. in a good way.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

This is a fine post, Deb.

I’m reminded of the theology that the followers of The Way, as the earliest Christians described themselves, are called to live in the Kingdom that is and is to come. We are to live on this earth as if the future Kingdom of God already exists. And since that Kingdom is within/among (depending on how one translates the Greek) us, there really could be no animosity among people, no exploitation or oppression.

The possibilities of that have always astounded me!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

You should build a church.

JC said...

Deb, Love this post and the comments it has generated. I believe our spirit existed with God the Father before we ever were. Scripture says he knew us before we were formed in our mother's womb. Our time here and the decisions made here determine where our spirit goes when our time here is done.

I personally believe that Jesus is the only way to God our creator and heaven is my home. I believe we will know and be known in heaven but not in a way that we know and are known here. Scriptures say that we will be in the light and the Son is the light.

Scriptures say that God is love so I'm thinking that love will be the driving force there as it should be here.

I believe that I dwell in the kingdom of God now and at a later time I will be transformed into His likeness. In the mean time, I am to allow Jesus to live within me and live His life through me. This can only be accomplished through the freedom in Christ that comes through complete surrender to His wil and His way.

I call my spirit to attention and instruct my soul (mind/thoughts, will & emotions) and my body (flesh, appetites, sexual drive) to line up behind my spirit. I tell my spirit to allow the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct me though the day. As long as the three parts of me are lined up with the Spirit being in control, I can dwell in the Kingdom now. As I wrote on Jen, Prayfully Yours blog, I communicate with God my Father and Jesus His son just like I communicate with people.

I'm looking forward to Heaven but I know I have much to do here. I'm still working on the love one another as God loves us and sent His son so we must love one another. Be blessed. JC

~Deb said...

Jen: I’m sure that we all “remember” family regardless of how different we manifest physically, or lack thereof, on the other side. I do believe that emotions here on earth are irrelevant up in heaven. We are all on our way there…hopefully together with unconditional love. Wouldn’t that be nice! Thanks, Jen!

Brandi: I appreciate you stopping by. It is something to think about though… Gotta wonder!

Nick: It’s hard to imagine “forgetting completely” of the things that have offended us here on earth. We can all forgive, but the forgetting part is the most difficult. I’m assuming that’s the same for everyone…

Todd: (haha) Thanks for giving me such spiritual credit there! I’d have a lot of protestors outside my door, I’m sure!

JC: ”… In the mean time, I am to allow Jesus to live within me and live His life through me.” It’s the best thing anybody who’s Christian can do. Allowing Him to take the reigns and completely let Him in, no matter how much guilt or negative feelings we have about anything or anyone----He can definitely eliminate that---if we let Him.
Thanks, JC!

DaBich said...

I like your idea of heaven Deb. All I know is, heaven is free of pain and hurt. That's the best part. I guess we'll find out when we get there!

LarryLilly said...

I used to sort of believe in Heaven. Now I dont think its there. Part of me wants to believe in it, but then I also feel that its just a human invention, some way for an insignificant human race to feel more imposrtant than we really are.

The fact that so many of the religions of the world share so many similar parts makes me think that either they are all fake, or that they are all the same, but i dont know.

Not that it bothers me in saying i dont know.

When my daughter died, i hoped it was real, for then i would see her again.

i have had three major operations since her death, and each time i ready myself to see her in some way, but each time i am totally lights out, then being told to wake up.

chrome3d said...

I dream a lot but never about afterlife. That pic was really excellent. Loved it.

~Deb said...

Dabich: Perfectly said: without pain.

Larry: I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. I truly believe that in “heaven”, time is different. For them, (your daughter), she only has to wait 10 minutes for you. But for us as humans living here on earth, it’s a lifetime before we see them again. It’s much harder on us. Regarding what you said about the amount of faiths out there—do you think that people made up religions in order to feel better about passing on? I’ve always wondered about that too.

Chrome: Well, not necessarily dreams we have at night – more like ‘daydreaming’ or just thinking, ‘what if’ and ‘how’ type of stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

LarryLilly said...

Deb, you you think that people made up religions in order to feel better about passing on?

My take is that in essence, religions speak of a way to make insignificance seem significant. Man cannot think for long without asking why am I here, and what is my role?

The meaning of life may be that there is no meaning, other than the same as for any other thing. Living things become other living things, nematodes beget other nematodes, ash trees make other ash trees. Why does man have to be different than these? So its the ability (curse perhaps) to think abstractly that allows men to develop the concept of a higher being, a spirit, or god, or a specific god. Then he takes it a step further, and creates religion, then customs, then so on and on.

And since men have been around, so many of the worlds religions have nearly identical elements, masked by names, and slight differences, but essentially the same, causing me to think that religion and god are all the same since mans mind is limited in being the same regardless of where we came from.

The afterlife is the great extension of life. We know we ALL die, so we have to think we have a place to go to, otherwise we are as insignificant as our deep fears. Then we have to differentiate that some are better than others, so we create either a heven and hell, or we create a next life, like indias caste system, and the hope that in the next life we rise in our caste, or we yield a closer relationship with "god", and become more enlightened, achieving Vishnu, or whatever. Same design, different process.

Grax said...

I'm reminded of all the Terry Pratchet books that involve Death. In the books when a person dies Death is besides them in a pleasant manner. A lot of the time when that person realises they are dead they wonders why they don't feel any anger, hate, fear, or any kind of emotions.

Turns out it all to due with glands.

Death explains that all emotions are linked to The glands, which get left behind when you pass away.

Grax said...

Oh and LarryLilly, I agree with your comment, especially with the world religions being essentially the same. Even though I believe that there is some kind of 'next life' after I die.