Let Me Whine, Whine, Whine & Wine Some More!

My work station today.
It looks like I can't "wine" anymore since Facebook rejected one of my posts that included the "promotion" of alcohol due to a photo of a glass of wine. They said that it would encourage kids under the age of eighteen to drink. Isn't there a rule that sets the age limit for eighteen and over on Facebook? And why would one of my posts send some teenage kid on a drinking binge? Eh well, I guess I'm just a bad example. So yesterday I decided to take a ride with Madelene to bring Lola to the vet for her booster shots. I hobbled around a bit, but did quite well. As soon as we were done with dinner later that evening, my back locked up again while I was sitting down on the recliner. I could not get up and even when Mad helped me, it felt like she was removing my entire spinal cord out. It's been almost two weeks and I feel like I'm starting to lose my mind. I can't do anything. I still can't make the bed. (Mad! Please read that last sentence!) But, it wouldn't do any good to make the bed today since I'm lying in it right now typing out this blog post. I had to grudgingly pop a couple of Advils since I didn't want to go the 'holistic' way this early in the morning. I have physical therapy tomorrow evening and an appointment with the chiropractor on Thursday. With that being said, I have had lots of time to overanalyze and read many of what my friends and acquaintances are saying on Facebook. I have a few things on my list that irks me, all of them which includes adults only. Let me know if you've seen the same...

  • Subliminal messages to ex lovers indicating that he or she lost the best thing that ever came along. Stupid shit like this only reminds me of how juvenile adults can be sometimes. I read a tweet the other day that said, "If you still speak about it, you still care about it." That's the hard truth right there. 
  • People who say, "I'm ready to delete the next person who 'yada yada yada'..." Really? So you're on Facebook "threatening" your "friends" that you'll delete them? Petty. 
  • This next one isn't so much irksome as it is curious, perhaps I just like to overanalyze them: over-posed and overexposed selfies. I am not talking about a profile pic selfie - I'm talking about those who sit there and post up about five or more different posed shots of them at a time with their cleavage and duck faces. Aren't you supposed to take the samples and then post the final photo? If you look at them all in a row, it's almost like a movie. 
  • Complaining about friends who don't comment on your posts. Get over it.
  • People who copy and paste these long inspiring status messages and take credit for it when it was actually written by someone else. Unless somebody points out, "Oh, I love this quote," not a word will be said about it. 
I'm allowed to be petty and whine this week since I'm bored out of my mind and in pain. The only two sources of entertainment I have are my iPhone & computer. TV is an option but I get bored too easily. Then again, there's the Zimmerman trial, but nothing is gonna beat the Jodi Arias trial. Is it twisted that I call it "entertainment"? This is how our media wants us to view murders and unjustified sentences I guess. So, please please please throw some prayers and healing vibes my way so I can get out of this house and out of this bed so I join life again! The 9 lbs I lost being diligent on the Paleo and low-carb diet all came crashing down on me, even added an extra pound for good luck. So please, prayers! My back can't take it no mo'. 

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