Bacon Flavored Pot

The theme of this month has been brought to you by PAIN. And with its unknown or 'guessed' diagnosis', I'm officially calling it bullshit. Lower back pain. Keepin' it simple. It's slowly fading off into a tolerable type of pain, but nonetheless. The only thing that makes me tolerable, is the good ol' herb I've been counting on for when the ibuprofen doesn't quite cut it. This is my nightstand. It holds two or three essential needs for my evening and morning 'lockups'. I think it should be prescribed as an antidepressant, pain reliever, and medication for sleeping disorders. Maybe it already has in other states.   In other news, I have a lot of work to do on my cooking blog, trying to reduce inflammation and pain (as well as trying to lose weight) with the Paleo diet. I was unable to maintain the diet while I was plastered to my bed with a locked up back, but I'm back baby. I've been buying grass fed USDA organic beef and making these unbelievable concoctions suggested by my friend who's a doctor. The health benefits are many, so I've been told, so I'm giving this a full steam ahead go of it. The other night, I made grass fed beef on portobello mushroom cap buns. Delicious. It's hysterical to watch Mom try the Paleo with me. She made this delicious squash, zucchini, peppers in a hot tomato sauce that they call, "jambort" - that's how it's pronounced, but I cannot find the correct spelling. So instead of putting it on rice, we put the grass fed chopped meat sautéed in jalapeno, onions and tomatoes with lots of chili and seasonings. I couldn't believe my mom enjoyed it better than her usual rice or pasta. She's a good sport. Of course, we stuck with our vodka martinis. And even with that, I have been only having one drink a day, which is a huge difference from the three I normally indulge in. But I have to say my favorite part of the day is breakfast, and below, you'll see why. You can have your bacon and eat it too!

Ever notice, nothing comes simple and nothing comes without judgment. For instance, people think I'm nuts for smoking pot for pain. It's illegal, therefore it's "bad". People think I'm nuts for going on the Paleo diet. "It's bad for your cholesterol and weight." Meanwhile, doctors are begging to differ, saying that the higher your cholesterol is, the longer you will live. It's all about reprogramming your mind - almost like converting to a different religion. To tell you the truth, I don't know what's true. I've tried everything but these methods. I will find out the hard way. All I know is, I lost seven pounds while on the Paleo. I seem to drink less and get full quicker. I eliminated all sugars in my diet, this including anything that converts into sugars. I don't have sugar crashes or real extreme lows anymore. My skin and hair retains more moisture and my nail growth is insane. I won't mention the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin though. Even if I fail at this, at least I have tried. I can't rule out everything that comes across my path. This new health step for me seems to be working, so why not? And if smoking a little reefer makes me more tolerable for other people, then it's not only a benefit for myself - it's a benefit for those around me. You're welcome, Madelene. Now if only there was such a thing as bacon flavored pot.

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